Good morning all ! Did you have a good day ?

Today I’m going talk to you about inspiration and this white page complex. Sometimes I tell myself I have to draw at all costs to stay productive but the inspiration, the line, the energy do not come.

In these cases, for my part, I have two choices. Either I have a stock of pre-made drawings, or I sit down and observe my environment, my emotions, my feelings, so as to create an image that is often cartoon yes, but above all an image that makes me feel this moment of my life.

For this drawing, Winston, know that I had absolutely no inspiration, then I assembled elements of the moment: autumn (the current season and also my favorite season), green (color of a sweater that I recently bought), a cat (saw a cat and came near me when I was sitting for a few hugs yesterday), a moon (especially for the color it gives off).

My advice when you’re lacking inspiration: start straight away and let your emotions, feelings, and surroundings dictate the next move. And if all these variables do not suit you then forget that, here, below you are the master of your creation thus transformed what bothers you so that you appreciate it. And above all, you can at the first sight of this drawing feel the creative moment.

Thanks everyone for reading me

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