Hello everyone, today we are meeting for one of my favorite creation, Equinox.

Sometimes in life we move forward and we say to ourselves: what have I really done so far apart from enjoying my parents, what have I really done by myself without their money? Something I brought to this world?

Well, you are healthy. And it’s normal to want to be unique. To generate a concept. To realize your life.

My main advice in this area would be especially that you are no longer a small enough spectator but a creator. The master of your design.

Don’t be that boring nerd who reads literature, politics, etc. Be the writer of these works. It’s so easy to consume and to look like an intellectual. Do not be politicians rather be philosophers and creators who inspire by their creation and not by their readings or their speeches which make you want to sleep more than to live.

Finally, I would say above all: Create rather than consume.

A special thanks to Cassandre for these inspiring ideas, to Émilie for her support emails, to Julien for our very constructive discussions, to Emma for our long conversations on the advanced concepts of creation, to Justine for our long hours on the phone until late the evening. A big big thanks also to Amélie, Marine, Alexandre, Tony, Lucie and Alice for their involvement in the management and the creative development of the site.

Many thanks to you dear friends for continuing to support me and to read me. See you soon for another drawing

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