Hello everyone, today we meet for a drawing that has the theme: fear!

This feeling, this barrier, makes us miss a lot of things. You know you wanted to do some sport or some activity or whatever, and somebody would come and judge.

What I want you to say is: why would it be up to me to question my desires?

Everything is possible ! Absolutely everything ! But you know it’s not just people that discourage us, it’s more often ourselves so take control guys.

Never set a limit for your well-being! Whatever the bad language (family, friend, teammates, etc) that suggests you abandon, face the fear and even if you fail it’s clearly not a defeat.

It’s life.

The real life the one we want to live.

A big thanks to you for reading me, a special thanks to Justine for the chosen theme. Thanks to Tony and Alice for their expert advice for the PouicBook. A big Mandalas project is coming, have a great day, see you soon

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