Look at U

Good morning all. Today we meet for this drawing with a fire lizard.

Look at you.

It’s a story I would like to tell you. It is a girl who had just broken up. Taking advantage of her celibacy and filling her despair, she began to go with lots of guys to try to change ideas.

In our society there is a term for that but it is way too vulgular so I will not quote it.

She puts her pride completely aside to talk to some. It is simple. Empty. Desperate. And it shows. She meets a thin guy with glasses, the boring and inconsistent type of guy. She convinces herself that he’s a great guy. But very quickly she becomes disillusioned, he’s nice but … he doesn’t have that thing.

Terrorized in her despair and emptied of all pride, she surrenders to despair.

A thought for this person who pities me a little when she goes out with inconsistent guys with glasses, who smile stupidly. If I had she in my face I would tell her: A little bit of pride, is that all you’re life worth? Your life is so uninteresting to hanging out with this type of person ?

Get out of this despair and take charge of your life rather than making the jug.

Find the solution to get out of despair rather than demean yourself to interact with this type of inconsistent person. Believe in yourself ! Because me, I believe in you guys !

Thank you all for supporting me. Thank you again to James and Amandine for the web referencing. A big thank you to Justine for her daily involvement and thank you to Alice for the idea of drawing. Thanks to Anais for his patience. A big thanks to Camille Léa Jeremy and Tony for their support emails.

Thank you everyone and above all don’t forget to keep smiling believe in yourself and do not put yourself down to people who are too simple and boring (such as skinny guys with glasses), be with a real woman like Justine (so inspiring and talented) or a real guy like James (so creative).

Big Project come very soon. For Halloween new draw will coming.

Be ready

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