Hello everyone, today we are meeting for one of my new creation, Cascade. This article I want to dedicate to the well-being, mine, which I like. Maybe you would recognize you in some of my activities? Don’t hesitate to tell me by email.

I really like creating chain mandalas (sometimes I go as far as making 60 in 1 hour), the principle of ally creativity and productivity is really what defines my creations today.

I enjoy a lot to create things that make me happy over time. I went back to reading Agatha Christie. Detective books have this charm, this famous charm that makes my head spin.

I like going for a drink next to a historic monument, it makes me feel like a Dan Brown character, it’s exhilarating. Very often a good meeting is never to be excluded at such times.

Drawing cartoons as you may have noticed and also one of my little pleasures. These are creations which when I see him again make me smile and give me well-being.

An evening of plaid, reading and more 😏 it’s great, let’s face it.

There are still so many things that I love that I will share with you in the future. As a first date, it is about keeping cards in your sleeves 😉 Let the waterfall slide and add color to this life that others want to impose on us.

Slowly falling water pierces a rock better than a waterfall.

Sometimes you have to know sadness to know happiness, hear the noise to appreciate the silence and live the absence to value the presence.

Many thanks to Dany and his wife Kate from Montreal for the original idea of this drawing. Thanks to Justine for her creativity and involvement in my projects. And Alice, yes, I promise to come have a drink with you as soon. Thanks to Jérémy, Maeva, Lucie, Cassandre, Emma, Robert, Patrick, Emilie and Gaston for their support emails. See you soon for a new adventure. You are the best

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