Will 🎶

Hello everyone, we meet again today for Will the little elf. Will is here today to bring smiles and joy to our lives. It would be more fitting to present Will’s wonderful story to you.

It is 9 p.m. in Tohoku, little Kanzi has been waiting almost an hour for his parents to come home.

It has been two years since they died in this terrible earthquake.

Kan is in the rain with his worn raincoat, he no longer has that strength, that joy and that enthusiasm. The very essence of youth. Life forced him to grow up fast.

Today in our society we realize the importance of love when it is no longer there. You only cherish this feeling in your earliest childhood with Disney, the age when children do not understand much. Being a feeling discovered in childhood we tend to infantilize it. While he is the most complex feeling there is.

Kan knows it, all that he feels. He realizes that he has no control over his well-being. Heavy heart. The lump in the stomach. The sobs are felt when he sees them again.

It is now 11pm it is much too late it is dark. The last bus has passed. Tonight he won’t come home warm.

Lost in his dark thoughts he sees along the road in the pouring rain, a gray creature moving by hopping overhung by an incandescent ball. It is a cat elf and a sun alive and well.

“🎶Youhou Youhou Youhou it’s me Will the little leprechaun, smart rascal, I’m your friend in despair. I hug you and Sunny warms us up 🎶”.

Strange …

Suddenly Will decides to accelerate his pace and when he was about to start running he notices Kan. Kan raises his head, Will puts his hand on his cheek. His hand is light and soft, like a cream.

Will: “In misfortune you do not make them happy, in your heart you have forgotten that they are there, when the moment comes you will understand that they have always watched over you, get hold of you. Kan they love you more that all ”

Kan: ” How do you know my name?”

Will: ” In your opinion, who sends me to reassure you? You want to touch my companion Sunny her heat is soothing it is a sun in the making ”

Indeed it was not burning especially as the flames on Sunny kept moving like a coat.

Will smiles: “you see you don’t cry anymore”.

Will resumed his way by greeting Kan with his hand

“🎶 When you are happy, look deep inside you. You will see that only what brings you pain, also brings you joy. When you are sad, look in your heart again, and you will see that you cry what made you happy 🎶 ”

In love with these sweet words Kan woke up in his bed suddenly. It was only a dream ? But yet he seemed so real.

As he went back to his spline he realized a detail his hand was still warm.

It was nothing for us but today as Kan looks at the horizon he smiles, he knows, he knows that they are watching over him. His parents.

No one can reach dawn without going through the night path.

That was Will’s story, hoping you liked it. A big thank you to Emma and Justine for their involvement in the Pouic projects. Thank you to Alice for all the encouragement she gives me on a daily basis. A big thank you to Gaston, Amélie, Laura, Sandrine, Lucie, Pierre and Marine for their support emails. If you have ideas of drawings do not hesitate, I am interested.

Thank you again to everyone you are the best. I wish you a good weekend with family in love or personal friends I am going for a weekend by the sea

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