Hello everyone, we meet again today for one of my latest creation: Gourmand.

This weekend by the sea, I met an abandoned gray cat that we brought back to the Society for the Protection of Animals. Her mistress had been looking for her for almost a year.

I’m writing this article primarily to raise awareness about animal abandonment. Imagine you are collected at birth, you attach yourself, you love, you project yourself and paf dropped into nature, far from your landmarks and your love.

It’s hard. Yes! Sacrifice love for ephemeral pleasure … Pff.

Abandonment is a desert island where one is led by the raft of selfishness.

Moving on from this important parenthesis, I would like to tell you the story of Gourmand.

Gourmand is an individual that I like to represent in a chat. Indeed I do not know why but at the moment I am in my cat period, I find it funny to represent in cartoon.

Gourmand is a person who lives in the eyes of people, the present moment … immediate consumption, ephemeral pleasure.

He is still in progress, he has a student life all laid out by the eyes of his parents (fairly common, bland, not very inspiring). He will do his studies. Will travel to do well on his resume.

“Discover new cultures”, this famous fashionable phrase … A consistent person sees it, he does not speak of it to give himself a genre. Especially when it comes out of the mouths of people who get paid for everything by their parents. This is not adventure … the great adventure of life.

In short, it’s not Gourmand’s fault he only knows that. Don’t blame him. His naivety was imposed on him at birth.

One day he knew love. Was happy, thought he had found meaning in his life and he was right. But the eyes of the people were back. It was explained to him that what he felt did not matter. Only suit in the eyes of others were acceptable.

He resigned himself, left his love. Continued his studies, got all his diplomas. Left to travel and then work abroad. He had had everything his parents had given him out of regret for their seedy careers. He convinced himself that he had had everything by himself, once again do not blame it, naivety is a disease that can be cured. He had money, was good-looking, and suited good manners. But in the end he was not happy …

This life was ultimately rather simple, but hey it lacked the sauce that gave it flavor.

One day he met his past love but never forgotten. Happy in family with her children, she did not occupy a very important position to be the ideal son-in-law according to her parents, who gave their opinion on everything.

He was sad.

He had everything succeeded will say people …. appearances …. appearances.

Well no!

For the first time he understood that he had failed on the most important … Love. And that his conditioning was the cause.

All this story to show you that the opinion of anyone (family, friends, acquaintance, colleagues, etc.) will not make you happy. Follow your desire and not the one dictated to you by others. Damn, we only have one life to spoil our feelings.

Thank you all for continuing to read and support me. Special thanks to Justine for her investment. To Guillaume for his support and unwavering involvement. To Albert and Geraldine for their drawing ideas. To Alice for our good times 😏 To Marine who is an extraordinary source of inspiration. Thanks to Amandine, Léo, Clément, Maxime, Julien, Emma, Agathe, Constance, Cassandre, Joseph, Camille for their support emails.

As you requested I will do a special article where I will answer all your questions. Keep that energy that is yours, you are all awesome.

They judge for you what is wrong and what is not. Remember that a mistake repeated several times is a decision.

Have a very nice day

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