The legend of Lupus Sniffus

Hello everyone, we meet to talk about my creation: The legend of Lupus Sniffus.

Once upon a time, there was a little wolf abandoned at birth by its mother. The little wolf was raised by a mole family. Not just any mole the Rata-mole.

The Rata-moles’ specialty was to dig tunnels near high risk areas. Like snow-capped mountains, under the sea and especially near active volcanoes. Although their main hobby was most confusing, the little wolf took a liking to it very quickly. Its black and gray coat shining like the pale dark moonlight, it turned chocolate. In his family of mole they tightened all the elbows (strictly speaking), to say hello.

One day while helping his adoptive father to build a huge tunnel under an active volcano he saw a glittering stone nearby. He approached, sniffed then the smirk rubbed against the stone so as to wipe all the excrement stored in his behind since his last expedition dating back 1 month.

His nearsighted mole brother Patrick saw him and said, “But why are you doing that? It’s a fucking diamond, worth a fortune even for the rest of us. Imagine the tons of Camembert cheese we could buy.”

The little wolf: “Ah yes at this point? Well then let me tell you that it should be a long time that we should be rich!”

The mole: “What do you mean ?”

The little wolf: “Well every time I saw a blue, green or red stone shining under the stones I got into the habit like me to cover them with my natural brown substance. You know how you who adopted me is covered with earth for May I be one of yours. ”

From that day forward if you see moles digging in shit know that they are just looking for the lost treasure of Lupus Sniffus.

A funny legend that has a nose 😜

I don’t know about you, but Halloween is coming and it makes you happy. I like this period. You know why ? There are pumpkins, there are creatures and candies. It’s so inspiring for me to create cartoons all the time. Indeed I have prepared a ton of drawing for the occasion. Be ready 😉

It’s 7pm I walk in the park and I say to myself “What do I like about life”. This blowing wind giving life to the orange leaves, restoring color to this driving rain. This deep shade gives the flow in my feelings this intelligence awakens a clairvoyance so little seen in my nights, the most beautiful they are.

At the moment I am in my period of white cabbage olive and olive oil … it’s simple but I love it and it makes me smile.

Despite this curfew period, my drink from yesterday, near the Saint Martin canal, gives me a feeling of life, of survival. That monotony had erased in its wake.

I have an amazing memory of my childhood that comes to me, it was at the same time. I was in green class with my friends and we were told a legend of an elf. The evening had been led so well by the supervisors that everything made me believe that they existed. In the end I understood along with my green class that elves did not exist. Despite everything that I believed in it for a while remains one of the most wonderful memories I have. Against the ravages of time I would strive to preserve these moments of magic.

Words are elves who know more than us, mocking little elves who enlighten our souls, we mistreat them, we ignore them, we distort them, we no longer hear them.

Youth is the time we have before us.

Thank you all for continuing to read and support me. A big thank you to Jacques for his donation. Special thanks to Emilie, Didier and Camille for editing the Pouic projects in progress. A thank you to Justine for her precious advice and for the drink from yesterday 😉 Thank you to Alice for her inspiration and her life joy. Thanks to Julien for his ideas and advice on a daily basis. Thanks to Elise for her involvement. Thanks to Théo, Gabriel, Geraldine, Mathilde, Kevin, Antoine, Cédric and Amandine for their support emails.

Do not hesitate to ask me questions I am preparing the article question answer. It will be out in a week or two.

Above all, keep going you are the best. All equally inspiring. You are my great strength I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a great time very quickly for new adventures

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