Come on

Hello everyone, we meet again today for a new creation: Come on.

In this illustration we see a malefic elephant with a penetrating gaze, a parasite has burst on its head. He is dressed in Pouic Style. I like the scary side it gives off. Always in the idea of representing mascots. You can imagine I presume, this elephant has a story.

It’s 7am Michael, a young taxi driver, is getting ready for work. Today he has to take a client 500 km from home, a very financially interesting race.

When he arrives at the indicated recovery address he sees a huge manor in front of which 4 women were waiting for him. Michael greeted them, one of them very classy came near him with a huge briefcase. Opened it. Pulled out a soft toy. And put it in the back seats. It was an unappealing looking elephant plush. A kind of crazy look.

Michael: “Excuse me? Is this a joke my race is it an elephant plush?”

The lady: “Listen, Sir, we are just asking you to drop it off safely. And in any case you will be paid.”

Michael agreed even if he found the process strange. Let’s go. The race begins. His only passenger being a soft toy Michael allowed himself to turn the music on.

10 min drive later: “Listen very dear to your radio bothers me, you might turn it off”. Michael turned around as if by reflex to face his passenger but remembered that he was carrying a stuffed animal.

Suddenly the passenger took off his seat belt and moved to the seat next to the driver. Dazed and scared Michael braked sharply.

?: “Have no fear I’m just a demonic entity locked in a plush, my name is Zeriael”

Michael: “I must be dreaming”

Zeriael: “Oh no! Anyway, let’s have your trip going well?”

Astonishing this question, however, he was the driver. The weather was changeable it was raining, freezing and then the sun was setting, the air conditioning didn’t seem to have any impact. The journey ends in complete silence.

Arrived at the address he saw a mansion identical to the other, an identical woman came to get the plush. Michael looked at his smartphone he had been paid it was time to go home after a good day’s work, the only problem he had to do the 500 km again, he adjusted his GPS and in fact found that he had not moved.

On the main door of the manor was written: How to explain the inexplicable without getting lost?

Suddenly Michael woke up in his bed all sweating, no doubt a dream. He took his phone, looked at him and saw it had been paid.

Curious to know more he decided to go to the address indicated. To his surprise there was no longer a mansion it was just a wasteland strewn with dead grass.

I have no more answers than you when it comes to the outcome of Michael’s research, I just know that he bought the land. Who knows maybe one day the mansion will reappear.

Zeriael pancratissium parsimatserium lorticrus

In the half-light I hear his foam contracting, he seems to be walking. I hear like a tune. He whistles. His gaze penetrated me. He breathed it into me. This story. This mystery that I do not wish to elucidate.

Because life has meaning for today for tomorrow and forever. Is the knowledge of God, of man and of the universe, then, so great a mystery? No ! no one, however, seeks to enter it voluntarily; this is why it remains a mystery.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Many thanks to everyone for your support. Thanks to Jerome and Charlene for their ideas. A special thank you to Justine for her involvement in my projects. Thanks to Emilie and Gauthier for their encouragement. Thanks to Alice for her inspiring quotes.

A thought for Alexandre who left us who was a fervent reader of Hotdigitals, he gave me a lot of strength and support so that I continue. I dedicate this article to him. One day in the desert of our existence you imported your color to the building of creation. We will not forget you, a thought to your family.

Thanks to Gabriel, Jasmine, Mathieu, Alfred and Sophie for their encouraging emails.

A cartoon and quote project is in the works with Alice stay tuned.

The Frequently Asked Questions article is almost complete, please feel free to send last minute questions.

Have a good Halloween weekend, see you soon 😉🎃

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