Some Water ?

Hello everyone, we meet again today for my new creation: Some Water. I hope you are doing well during this pandemic period.

I am writing this article to raise awareness of the lack of water in some countries. Indeed today I dream of water fights, water parks for everyone especially for the poorest.

Water is life.

I admit I am not very aquatic but I am nonetheless aware of the importance of its substance. However, unlike many of you, seascapes hardly fascinate me. Indeed I am much more amazed by the arid landscapes, rocky even volcanic. It reminds us of this belonging, this proximity to the ground, for me, who is dizzy, it is reassuring.

When we observe a rock whatever it is we see cracks and cracks. The mark of time. Trials they endured. The glitter of our mortality that makes our existence so unique and rare.

It reminds me of myself and my scar, for a long time I had trouble accepting this twist of fate. Finally I accept this crack in me or rather on me as a horror that symbolizes my life strewn with pitfalls and proofs.

I wandered here and there near this fault. She was orange red yellow, a perfect blend. The magma. It does not burn, it is in fusion. In fusion. Isn’t that fascinating? My steps are heavy but also trembling for fear that this mass will seize me, a kind of murderous cat. The stones crackle. It reminds me of slate. I feel this heat coming from the ground and not from the sky. This heat understands this fatality of the end.

See Magma flow … I really love it, it’s soothing. I know it’s very down to earth but imagine yourself a little fireplace, closed your eyes, feel the crackle, let yourself be consumed, be both the wood and the breeze.

Fan that flame within you.

My blood is magma, my breath suffers and my stomach is cratered.

Funfact: I like the reference to the volcano to define myself especially as my body is frequently hot.

In this drawing I wanted to represent a fire lizard which brings forth the fruit of its evil being. And the fruit of our life. The water. What does not serve us can save lives. I urge you my friends to turn your sufferings into joy. Our life is too short, don’t let them ruin it for us.

Today I have a smile I am happy. I carry out almost all the projects that are close to my heart and that really enchants me. I often go to bed late at the moment (around 2 a.m. between two coffees).

I hasten to finish this project which is coming out very soon for you. You will be kept informed don’t worry but stay connected 😉 I will deliver really quality to you. I put passion, time and experience into it. I have rarely been so enthusiastic.

I wanted to thank you because you contribute greatly with your questions, support emails, donations and ideas. I would like to thank Justine for her good humor. Julien for his fair and encouraging word. Alice for her superb quotes and for our long conversations 😉 I thank Jessica, Romeo, Mathilde, Albert and his wife, Jean, Pauline and Camille for all the encouragement they send me.

I would like to end this article on a note of hope and freedom in the crisis phase we are going through.

What is the use of freedom of expression, when you have nothing to say? Let’s be realistic: most of those who forbid it have nothing to say, they know it and therefore in frustration do the animals

They won’t win. Freedom is stronger, even in a cage. This magic that we call life, will explode the shackles to fly away and breathe its essence into each of us.

Let us not forget that the symbol of this site, Pouic, a bird. The very essence of which is freedom.

One day in the desert of their ignorance they burned this bird, it rose and fell on them. Sharing his condition. Phoenix

Let’s be only peace 😉😜 it’s more fun my loulou

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