Hello everyone, let’s meet for one of my new creations: Lost.

I wake up, where am I? Who am I? I’m lying on something pouty and light. The impression of sinking.

I can’t open my eyes it’s hard, something is preventing me, it shines above me, it looks like a luminous sphere suspended high up.

Finally I manage to adapt to its light.

I’m getting up again.

I observe. Surrounded by sand I see nothing else, the landscape is the same from the back, front and sides.

The desert.

It’s hard my limbs are paralyzed, it’s been how long I’ve been here, I was born here. Is this the beginning? Suffering. What’s next ?

I advance.

My steps are heavy. My head seems more prone to movement than the rest of my body. Why ? Maybe it’s because she’s closer to the luminous sphere. My stomach is making a funny noise. My steps are lost.

Plac Plac Plac.

The sphere seems to move towards my horizon. I walk towards her but she is moving faster than me so I run. My body prevents me from continuing it relaxes. My body is therefore not made so that I can reach the sphere before it disappears. She seems so far away.

I can’t see anything, I just hear my footsteps in the sand. And the more I walk in the dark the more I realize that I see.

There is plenty of point above me that sparkles. I sit. I have the impression that his points are moving, it relaxes me, gives me the impression that my body can resort. Watching the light points therefore regenerates my body. The point on the right moves faster than the others then another on the left. I want to know the rest.

While I feel that my body had recovered it lies on the floor, my eyes close I have no control over them. I want to know some, know the rest.


My eyes open I remember yesterday the sand, the sphere (which is back) and the sparkling dots.

I get up I run I see a rocky shape emerging from the sand. This is the first solid form that I come across. She seems to be a novelty gift in my life. So that’s it, just want it? This shape is sand color there are designs on it.

I do not understand.

I go around it, there is an oval shape with circles, this shape is red. It’s soothing. I sit in front but my back seems to let go. I then decide to lean back. Hey, but it’s nice. This form is therefore used so that my body can recover. Like everything in this desert.

As if I was kept alive in a dead landscape.

I give meaning to the desert.

The sphere has already disappeared … Is this really a goal, something so uncertain of which we will probably never know the result?

The light points seem to shine more brightly, my frustration with the sphere has dissipated. Something seems to move towards me in the sand I stand up, surprised.

“You seem lost, a stranger, what are you doing on the edge of purgatory? What are you doing wrong?”

I don’t understand this thing seems to make noises while moving its mouth. It is also a red moving form, with a little worrying appearance but with a confident look. This is the first time that I have come across something that like me can move. I am not unique. Surprisingly, this reassures me but seems to bother me.

“Good since you seem deaf and dumb I leave you. One piece of advice: sometimes some of our senses play tricks on us, so try to find sanity”

I still did not understand the noises he emits by moving his lips, he went away sinking into the sand. At night it is similar to the luminous point but this time in red.

My lips go up to my cheeks, what is this feeling. I am alive, I am happy, I don’t know where I am but I want to continue living.

It is the desert that gives meaning to my existence.

The goal is not necessarily necessary, I have a horizon which awaits only me.

There is no desert, no precipice, no ocean that I would not cross with you.

Thanks to all of you for reading me. Thank you again for the encouraging emails.

I want to bring you some very important news! KEY the first book of the Pouic universe is published and is available on amazon by clicking here.

Hope you like it, I made it for you. An additional key for you to dive into my world.

Good day everyone, we’ll see you very soon for a new article 😜

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