Prosper Gingerbread

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well, see you for my new creation: Prosper Gingerbread.

When the last breath shows the tip of its nose, that you will understand my life, my journey, my tumults please listen to this music available on youtube (until the end please, it’s important for me). This is the identity card of my last tunnel, the one I would have chosen to cross with a smile

I don’t know about you, but I find the stories about the devil fascinating. This celestial entity present everywhere, which immerses itself in the details. This being who reminds us that we are fallible. Often represented in red or as a ram with horns, it embodies malice. A big confident smile, he knows what he’s doing.

It is 4 am and Gaston is still not sleeping, yet he has school this morning. Devoting himself since dinner to his great passion, drawing. Lost in his imaginary worlds, he draws a new creature then adds a little precise color to the shadows then adds his signature and a sentence that evokes the drawing. So on at a frantic pace.

BING, his phone vibrates, new notification. It’s a message. Who can it be at this hour?

“Gaston, my name is Prosper, I really like your work, I’m a big fan of your drawings. I would like you to help me I lost my dog in your street, could you find him. If you can do it. before the first rays of the sun I will make you my ”
The sentence is not finished. Can be on purpose

Somewhat taken aback, young Gaston wonders if it is not a prank by Théo or Camille.

In short, nothing very strange, it often happens this kind of hoax these days.

30 min later: “WOUF WOUF WOUF!”

Intrigued Gaston opens the window and notices a little lost puppy. He who is a fervent defender of the animal cause, he goes out without warning his parents to bring the lost dog home. He will bring it back to the lost animals agency in his town while going to school.

It’s cold, the trees are cracking. Squalls animate them. We can’t see much, a thick layer of fog covers the surroundings.

At the end of the performance, the veil will be lifted. Everything is always clearer when the knell sounds.

Gaston hears the dog barking not far in the fog.

“I am not arriving”

The fog robs us of our space, but never against our will. The only way to fight him is to stay still. But when feelings take precedence over reason, anything can happen. In the fog.


He is there very close. The fog disperses.

A person has apparently heard the barking of the dog. Indeed a man with a hood is sitting next to the dog. It is true that it was starting to get quite noisy. You know when they go in the treble.

“You took a long time to get Gaston down, I thought he would never last all this time” said the man in the hood, turning slowly towards him, giving way to an absolutely unbearable scene of a ripped dog.

It wasn’t barking but moans.

When we understand it is often too late.

Gaston turned around and realized that he had returned to the mist, he no longer remembered where he had arrived. In a state of shock, he began to run with all his strength straight ahead, thinking that he would come out of the fog one day. It was hard; he tried to go fast without making the slightest noise that would indicate his presence. Suddenly he took a break and thought that being in the fog he was safe. Invisible. Like a ghost. When suddenly

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah”

A chill of horror ran through him. In these moments we no longer react our instinct for survival takes over our body. He started to run again. What the hell, where is this guy and especially what does he want with me?

Day had already risen, the fog dissipated.

Faith in life is believing that there is a place for you behind the fog.

Gaston had disappeared in this fog, no one has ever known what had become of him despite a thorough police investigation, parents more involved than ever in the research. The horror of an ineluctable discovery of which only the author decides the revealing moment.

“Killing is nothing, it’s burying that takes time. Ah ah ah ah”, Prosper remembers.

Today the parents have moved on. They are moving forward. They are happy again, they learn to live again, they have passions, desires, etc.

Gaston is only a distant memory lost in the mist, erased from our world.

Today the memory of Gaston resides only in the mind of Prosper.

The injustice of emotions and the passage of time does not spare anyone.

Despite appearing to be a perfect sadistic psychopath, Prosper is not that insensitive. Indeed he tends to regret that night. He will no longer see Gaston’s drawings.

Three years ago in his cellar (that famous night):

“Have you suffered more than outside your life?” Said Prosper to a naked Gaston, half burnt and cut off.

“Nn..nno, please stop let me in I won’t say anything about you, I want to see my parents again” said Gaston sobbing the little liquid that was left in his body, the one he had on him smelled strong like when his father was filling up before a long trip

At 100 degrees the water evaporates.

KLANK (lighter)

“Have a good trip I’ll send your mother to join you soon son. Ahahah” said the man taking off his hood and swinging the lighter on the body of his son who instantly caught fire

“Daddy?” Was his dad, so that was the truth he had been in from the start

The thick smoke rising from the body, like fog, penetrates this story of bloodstained smoke.

I hope you enjoyed this little story. I recall my KEY book is available click here to order it on amazon friends.

Thank you again to everyone for continuing to support me. Thank you for your emails, for your questions. And to answer you, yes the article of questions and answers are coming very soon. A special thank you to Elodie for her good humor and the energy she transmits to me. A thank you to Justine for her original ideas. A big thank you to Alice for our long telephone discussions and especially thank you to her for the idea of a quote book, the nights talking to you are really pleasant 😏. Thanks to Julien for the ideas and the support he brings in my projects: “Every day is enough its trouble”, which moreover inspired me a project on which I work. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to you about it very soon. Thanks to Didier, Suzanne, Patrick, Gabriel, Sofia, Camille and Elise for the support emails, ideas for drawings.

See you soon for new adventure friends 😜

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