Dragon’s Fire

Good morning all ! I hope you are well. We meet again today for my new creation: Dragon Fire.

In a momentum, like an impulse, it unfolds its wings. Overlooking us mortal. Igniting our lands. Remembering our lowliness, our baseness. Seizing our property by only making a trophy in his cave. Until his last breath which will make the adventurer the Croesus of our city.

You have probably understood my praise and especially my amazement at the immensity of the dragons. They are fantastic and fascinating beings. Worthy descendant of pterodactyl according to. I believe in their existence as well as in this old man who continues to amaze this evening of gifts and little shoes. OwOwOw

Indeed you will have noticed that I am describing an immense, very powerful dragon while I represent it in cartoon. Pouic will take whatever form we like it to take 😉.

As I told you I tend to represent my imagination according to my mood. I find that in this form we all want to look into his case. He is cute! Hell, it must be said! I embellished it with a beautiful winter coat, indeed it brings me back a walk accompanied by a charming person (I would not go further into my private life by citing any person 😜) who had one of I found these woolen coats of a similar color to be profound. The orange dragons have this je ne sais quoi so present, through their colors they embody the strength of their innards. Fire

Yes today I’m on fire. I want to indulge as much as possible on certain behaviors that I find very unpleasant to see today on Earth

On the stake with an inquisitive eye, he understood that he was being judged but above all that he had been understood

In my life I have known a girl who is very gracious in her manners. The so-called woman would be far too great an honor for the person she was. She participated, let’s say, in my days. She said she loved me, that I was the right one. Until then my ego was certainly flattered, but only ephemeral. Over time I discovered the most abject behavior. She was playing on the feelings of some boy friends who all wanted her more than she had given them. Indeed that flattered her, she felt attractive. Felt powerful in his small and miserable existence. With a very often stupid smile she played the naive. The question I ask myself then is the following … How during all this time, I was able to make myself of her his man while her sincerity was holed up deeply far from her appearing? But hey, that’s life I told myself, who had a choice, much more interesting and boring than she.

Then I met them, I thought them sincere, so I gave myself up. They seemed authentic to me … I, who am basically such a great actor, was me the spectator. I found them honest, far from judgment. My good lord! I was the naive then.

I knew this relationship wouldn’t last. That she was doomed to an abyss. Although many times I knew this harpy lived in other people’s eyes

I trusted them to take care of their daughter the best I could, convincing me of an illusory love. Although at the time there was passion.

I joined them, uncomfortable at first. Objectively I did not care about these people who seemed sympathetic to me. Along this duration, one attack then the other, very discreet. She didn’t see him, I had seen them. I was starting to change my mind. In tried to test myself questioning the phases of my life that make me who I am today. Back I understand that I have been judged, that I have been treated falsely. Sufficiently. While objectively they are nothing in the mass.

They live to appear it and it shows

I cared about her. In truth. It was hard. But not being the man to whine I always bounce forward. For me she lost all credit when I noticed that in the end despite her pseudo intellectual readings / her ways of being, she really only experienced in the eyes of others everything I fight.

She thought she would find happiness, in the end she had lost sight of the essential. She was unhappy because she lived in the world of illusions, and not in the sincerity of feelings.

She wanted to be resplendent by smiling and sneering stupidly, she was in fact bland.

Time passed I was moved on, I was happy. Because I do not live in the eyes of each other. Live in the eyes of his parents … Or the best way to spend his life.

She came back, contacted me, understood that her life was bleak. His life was: Work, work, pretense, etc.

I played the comedy out of politeness. Left to the left in the world of illusions. I listened to her, trying to understand his intention. She continued to lie to me. Whereas when she tried to reach me I already had proof of her despair. She had been spoken again to those small, low-stature individuals who wanted her as her lover who was so prone to superficiality of appearance. This is how I had known it. This is how she became again.

Maybe with me she hadn’t really changed. And continue to want to please. The chimeras of existence …

Reading is good, being “cultivated” is good … but if we do not know how to live what is all this for?

I thank the people who supported me, who have always been there, in truth and not in appearance.

The paradox is that I did not like her physically and not even intellectually. She didn’t seem to have a shred of truth in her. She was talking to uninteresting lost young adults who play intellectuals.

His false joy.

His pretenses ..

Only the prism of others …

I had a much better choice. And yet I agreed to waste time. While she had nothing to teach me. I hope she will stop being fake, playing with these scarcely successful people and especially that she will free herself from the illusion into which she seems to sink day after day.

Remember KEY always available on amazon here in paper or ebook format. A big thank you to all the buyers I thought I had met such success so quickly

Thank you all for reading me 😀 A special thank you to Alice for our great moments, the quote book is fast approaching 😏 Thank you to Justine for correcting my next project. Thanks to Amélie and Gaetan for their implications in KEY. Thanks to Mélanie and Alix for all their questions. Thanks to Gauthier, Jasmine, Elisa, Pierre, Armelle, Laurianne and Aymeric for their emails of support and thanks.

Have a nice day take good care of yourself

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