Good morning all! We meet for my new creation: Chimera.

Today I dedicate this article to unhealthy people who play with each other’s feelings.

When I write this article I remember a girl talking with “friends” guys who actually wanted more with her. She played until she realized that she had lost the man she loved by listening to voices that knew nothing about their happiness. I’m telling you! If you really want a person, stop with your ego, send out these people who are supposedly … friends …… who want more and above all do everything to get back this person whom you sincerely love. Who dares win !

It was a lake where we said that by looking at its reflection we saw our nature. Our deep nature in the eyes of the world.

Chléia, an unfortunate little bitch who played with each other came there to find out who she really was, especially in the hope of flattering her ego. Facing the water observing a depth hitherto unfathomed. She saw a head looming, hers. No actually there were two, ah no three, five oh seven. From his neck came several heads.

The lake had punished her.

She would never be able to go back and play with each other again. She had become false.

One of many.

Only one way to lift the curse. She didn’t know it.

But us, we know how: Do everything for the loved one and let everyone else down!

Learn to love what you’ve got, before life teaches you to love what you’ve lost

Thank you again to everyone for reading me and for continuing to encourage me. I remind you that the KEY book is still available here on Amazon.

Please don’t hesitate to send me your questions by email

A special thank you for Justine who makes me think about a lot of things and who is also a close friend, thank you to Alice for the love she transmits to my works and especially thank you to her for her ideas for quotes, thank you to Pierre for the management of my interview and thank you to all the others who are so nice.

You really are the best. Have a nice day 😏

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