One day in the life of a cartoon creator

In the mind of the creator.

(For those who haven’t watched my favourite video on Youtube click here)

I wonder what’s on the minds of other creators, probably why I really like watching the interviews of these people behind the works. Me that fascinates me. Being something that I am asked frequently and of which I am fond: my step of creation in a day.

I take as an example a typical day at the weekend since this is the time when I have the most time. A so-called empty day where I have no appointment for drinks or evenings. Containment lends itself well to this.

On weekends I get up around 10am I have a coffee with a little cake If possible, a brownie from the day before. Always with a fruit, preferably an apple. I make my bed (it’s an addiction I know I’m a bit of a manic), brush my teeth, I wash, trim my beard and make the program of my day on paper. Ready to go on an adventure. To discover the limits of my still unexplored imagination.

I take out my tablet, my stylus. I make another coffee. I sit down at my desk I remember a series, an anime, a film that marked me, I think about my future, I generally have no ideas of what I’m going to draw before the drawing is finished . I let myself be carried by the first line. My imagination does the rest.

Now you know my style what I like to achieve. Cartoons. More and more ideas. But above all I create a figure that I will love every day. It’s really about love. All my creations I love them sincerely. So when I deliver a creation to you, I really put my feelings into it.

Here I have just finished two to three drawings (my minimum quota should I say, motivation is not enough, art is creation and especially rigor). A creation is at the same time ephemeral because it begins on the instant but is also a marker in time. A witness.

It’s the weekend so I order a salmon tartare chirashi in the local jap. Very good I recommend 😉 I rest on my chair (digestion😜) take stock of my projects and the artistic projects that my relatives have advised me.

Sometimes I pick up a book afterwards. Right now I’m on Haruki Murakami’s Spring Bird. Not only for the indisputable talent of the author but above all for his talent in the descriptions. Attention to detail. The importance of detail in a frame. It is for this part of mystery that I sometimes hide messages in my drawings. I bring more and more importance to the importance of the depth of a message that can be transmitted through a work.

When an idea for an article or a drawing I stop I write it down on a notepad or even when a quote enters me. As a rule, the afternoon I am in the observation of our world, I approach it from my angle. Condense this photo, to transcribe it into an idea in my notebook. Like information turned into intelligence. The end goal is the same: action.

Once a good part of the day has elapsed it is 6 pm, time at which I like to get down to dissecting one of my drawings, or a moment that it evokes to me to prepare an article. I always try to create a story that brings the character I have drawn to life, so that you guys can understand why and how much I love my creation. I do a citation search that enriches and suits my article.

In a last breath I do some cartoon. Reread my latest book projects. In the evening I plunge into my spring bed for an aperitif then for dinner in front of a film if possible a Miyazaki to give me ideas or even a documentary. After that I made a few calls, sharing my emotions, my passions, my creations, my love. I fall asleep then, peacefully.

Here is my process is finished I hope that you liked, follow this day with my dimensions.

Remember KEY is available here on Amazon. The art book to have at home. Very good gift to offer for holidays and birthdays.

Please don’t hesitate to send me your questions or if you want a special draw signed by me like the Key book for 90$ in limited edition under a black frame, contact me by email

Thank you again to you for reading me with so much passion, for encouraging me and for transmitting your ideas to me. A special thank you to Gauthier and his son for the ideas for the drawings they submitted. Thanks to Andrea from Mexico for her donation. A thank you to Louis, Clément and Marine for their help in the Pouic project. Thank you to all of you, do not hesitate to ask me questions, I will answer them with pleasure. Take care of yourself very quickly for new adventures.

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