Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well 😀 Today we meet for a new creation: Miaourson.

Containment doesn’t help my head. I wake up, read the last Haruki Murakami a bit and there without a common explanation I draw a cat bear on a bouncing ball.

A short breath runs through my emotions. I complete them with a few words on my new notebook dedicated to poems that I realize. Letting myself be guided by the rhymes more than by the substance I manage by rereading them to funny questions. Why such a short cycle? Unfortunately, life is just a race where we have little time to prove ourselves.

For a long time I was the nice little pupil who followed his schooling until I understood that I could not get used to it. This sheep factory. I’m still going far. In this alienating proscessus. This may be where my great rebound was felt.

Boing Boing Boing

In the light of a winter morning, on his jumping ball, Miaourson is walking. No one sees it. He smiles contemplates the people going to work, while he knows that he is independent, he has plenty of time to prove things to himself.

Completing one’s studies may be just being accomplished in the eyes of an employer or one of his puppets. Indeed, this is how parents judge the success of their children as if to reassure themselves. While some do not know how common they have become. In this moving mass, pulling us down. Like quicksand.

Miaourson of its rebound flies from one country to another. Contemplating the African steps to the magical cold of Siberia. He is a legendary animal which with his smile reflected reality. Another. Than that of complacency. Acceptance is a form of submission. It can be useful. He never submitted. His life is healthier than ours.

How did he have babies? By dint of leaping a fool can generate the noise of civilizations. The confusion of some for the happiness of others. Creation.

Our freedom would be to find what we lost

Thank you all for continuing to read and support me. There are more and more of us. Remember that KEY the artbook is available on Amazon by clicking here.

Thanks to my Finnish friends for their donations. Thanks to Alice for her thoughts on my lyrics, we’ll see each other quickly. Thank you to Justine for organizing my next promotion in the United Kingdom, she is doing a monster job a big thank you to her. Thanks to Mathieu, Guillaume, Julien, Marine, Sebastien, Camille and Victoire for the support emails as well as for the orders.

Excluded: I am announcing that I will be publishing a 100% text news / thoughts book within a few months. I’m also working on three other projects for the moment quite secret 😏

See you soon for new adventures, take care of your friends

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