The Egg

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well we meet again today for my new creation: The Egg.

I am writing this text on a Monday. I got up at 6 am to go for a walk in the park to feel the lights, the reflections, of a star so orange.

I stretch, a few stiffness from the jogging the day before. Here we go. Walking in a green space how imposing due to the size of its trees. Almost engulfed, I feel the leaves. The earth turned to mud. There is still a little fog, but it is really very light. It’s amazing he seems to go around the rugby field. Oh no, it was actually just the sprinklers.

There is a hill nearby. On this hill seems to pose a funny shape. I did not wear glasses, it therefore seems oval to me. It is from there that my drawing is born and especially that comes the story that I am going to tell you.

Happiness is not always found in an eternally blue sky, but also in the simplest things in life – Confucius

From a hill came. The egg. Not just any eggs! That of Pouic.

Yes, you will have understood that this is Creation. He appeared on a winter morning marked with a paste red enough to be black. From this trace seemed to emerge a power of red light. Charming and soft at the same time. Often a sign of “you shouldn’t go near it”

A morph to go through there, these little slimy pink creatures aui take the appearance of those they meet and take affection. Like a mother, she rolled around the egg making it invisible to human eyes. Its heat warmed up the morph.

When suddenly, the hatching came. So powerful that she projected the morph.

Petit Pouic got up, approached the morph

“Mom” cried Pouic

If affected morphing turned into Pouic. She took care of him. Taught him to create, bring it to run and smile. And so began a legend. On a tender and sincere love.

Since then two legendary birds have been roaming free. When you come across one if you want to know its authenticity, know that the morph has yellow paste.

Maybe you would have the chance to cross the original, that of the egg. The one who accompanies me and dictates my writings to me how magical.

Destiny is not fettered, it is in flight


Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed the article.

Don’t forget Pouic’s KEY artbook is still available on Amazon by clicking here.

A big thank you to all for the support emails, for the dedication requests. Special thanks to Gustave who ordered a limited edition of a KEY type work. A thank you to Amandine for her support despite her illness, and Pouic are with you, don’t hesitate if you want a drawing or if you have ideas, take care of yourself. Thanks to Alice for her advice. Thanks to Justine for these good times 😏 Thanks to Julien for his ideas for drawings and for his advice. Thanks to André and his wife for the interview.

See you soon for new adventures 😉

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