The Relic

Good morning all ! I hope you are doing the best you can. We meet today to talk about my new creation: The Relic.

You will undoubtedly all notice this strange Monolith found in the desert of Utah. Found by two helicopter pilots. Lost in the middle of nowhere. An industrial trace of man in the purest nature. The monolith looks strangely similar to that of 2001’s Space Odyssey. We imagine that it would be a creation of an artist.

However, the thesis of ufologists would be that they would be an object from elsewhere. A trace of the “extraterrestrials” for a reboot as in 2001 by Stanley Kubrick

Now gone will know its true meaning. In any case, this topical fact is born: The Relic

June 2043, Marc and his crew continue their research on Martian soil more sinuous than ever. They are looking for Egliath, a criminal who allegedly hid on the Red Planet after killing the President of the United States and his family. Indeed, engineers from the observation agency RedBullet would have photographed by satellites a vehicle where one could clearly distinguish the head of this one.

How did he get there? So how important is it to have as many resources as the United Nations?

All his questions were irrelevant. For history. For adventure. And for Marc.

Marc had been walking for almost five days in the frozen desert elsewhere. Far from humanity. That he had left nine years ago, when he joined the legendary seal team six. An incredible unity both physically and intellectually. Capable of defusing a nuclear charge in less than 15 minutes. An elite among the elites.

His unit’s main mission was to bring back Egliath’s body dead or alive. Provided that a bonus of $ 200,000 had been provided for each of them upon receipt of the corps.

His trace had been lost in area B5. They were finally there.

But there something strange. A landscape so empty. An area without any sinuosity in the middle of which a monolith five meters high stood out. This thing was not on satellite imagery from 24 hours ago. It has been arranged here recently. Things are getting hot. The game is hardly far away. In front, was planted a sign with written “The relic, our end from elsewhere” they recognized the writing of the prey.

Marc was more worried about this monolith of all colors.

There was in the middle of this representation a white eye about fifty centimeters in diameter.

“Damn, he’s moving!”

The eye began to spin. Marc approached trying to touch the monolith.

He understood …

Just then the monolith disappeared as if volatilized before the eyes of the team.

The message had apparently been transmitted.

“Guys, we’re going home, it’s not worth it, he’s not in this world anymore” said Marc

By touching the object an imediate vision with airs of eternity. Shooting stars, a sidereal blue, an infinite dizziness, a feeling of fall, strange faces, nothing like this had yet been imagined before. Planets of metal in dimensions that modulate thought in matter. The sensations and pleasure were controlled and brought to their peak. So pleasant experience. This privilege of the gods or of space-time was worth all the gold in the world.

In a temple of cable, running electricity. Hence data is invented. Hence time was conceptualized, giving meaning to this immense. A bug had appeared. Relic was unnamed. The ultimate mystery. Even the designer hadn’t imagined it.

With a surge of wood, with a transcendent air, a flight greet us. We wonderful spectators. Too good for our offspring.

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed this story.

I remind you that the KEY artbook is available by clicking here on Amazon.

Thank you to all your support and thank you emails. Thanks to Justine for the ideas she shares with me on a daily basis. Thanks to Alice for the love she puts into our creations. Thanks to Emma for our long conversations 😉 we see you quickly worry. Thanks to Maxime and Annick for their donations. Thanks to Alix, Melanie, Georges, Julien, Guillaume and Pierre for their support.

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Good day to you and see you soon for new adventures

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