Good morning all ! I hope you are well. This is not the case ? I will fix it don’t worry. We meet today to talk about my new creation: Mascot.

I have represented this plush / mascot looking demonic in red by taste for this scarlet presence on the Japanese flag.

First of all, for those who know me well, I sometimes take a somewhat cartoonish backward voice when I talk about dogs. This cartoon aspect makes everything more beautiful. More agreable. More acceptable.

We can’t fight against positive energy forever.

This aspect devoid of any seriousness made him more human. So even that one demands of us the strictest coldness on our condition of employee, and of another to be as “human” as possible.

I like to make the eyes yellow I find them more penetrating more impactful more intense. This plush doesn’t care about us, she’s happy in her condition. She is quite right. She is one of my greatest pride.

Secondly, the casual aspect is above all a way for me to deny the person I threw away at my 14th birthday (serious, stuck, etc.). Yes. Indeed, my process of evolution was markedly different. Growing up I understood that it is not the serious thing that makes a man happy but without ease in adapting his environment to him. This is my truth. Let’s not restrain ourselves.

A fanfare in the distance. A paved life. A flow of a worker in motion.

And small living soft toys in humming movement.

Farcaros City a city where soft toys came to life. We met them in the streets, on the roofs. Like pigeons in Paris or squirrels in Central Park.

He was going who knows where, still smiling.

In the main toy store of life. The craftsman Crimo, a 75-year-old bugger, stuffed the stuffed animals he had been ordered or adjusted from an old model. He was both the genitor and the surgeon.

People would come to adopt a soft toy for their children just as one would adopt a dog or a cat. Except that it cost less than 230 pounds and they didn’t require any food.

As they were anchored in the daily newspaper, nobody was ever questioned on how these creatures made to move. It didn’t correspond to any science. Only magic.

Crimo was the only one who could create them. And no one suspected it since he sometimes sold it to competing stores.

The problem was though that Crimo was not eternal. So when he returned the soul. The remaining living fluff was damaged in the throes of time. Became less and less cheerful. Until being considered as monsters. They were chased away, burnt and disappeared.

Thus, without knowing it, the identity of the city disappeared. This is a city we have forgotten.

And yet.

How do I know? 🤫😏

Well ! I tell you. But keep it to yourself.

One day Pouic, back from his adventure, had brought Mascot, the last living vestige of a world from elsewhere. A colorful dimension.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Don’t hesitate to get the KEY artbook on Amazon by clicking here.

Thank you for having read me, to continue to support me. Thanks to Felicien and Carmen, your limited edition drawings are arriving very soon. Thank you to Alice for our beautiful evening and these beautiful exchanges. Thanks to Justine for organizing my promo for KEY. Thanks to Julien for his valuable advice. Thank you Elvire, Albert and Corinne for their donations. Thank you again really. Thank you all really you are the best. Do not hesitate to contact me come to the site or by mail:

Ps: If you also want to have a unique edition of a signed work in a frame for $ 90 contact me by email

Have a very nice day. See you soon for new adventures.

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