Boring Man

Good morning all ! I hope you are well. We meet today to talk about one of my creations: Boring Man

So first of all I want to clarify that this creation came to me from a visual observation of the type of boring guy. A real stereotype.

Land in Paris and you will see it.

Rather normal physique, unshaven, secretary’s glasses, his little turtleneck. Always a book in hand. Damn … but serious us when we read we don’t need to show it! “Do you really need this to look smart?”

If you are not Steve Jobs make sure to build a sufficiently interesting life for you since you tend so much to seem like an “intellectual” ……….

In short. You know this guy who talks to you 24 hours a day about his readings. “And your life, what did you do, create, apart from being like everyone else”. It can correspond to the type who always has the opinion well thought out, very smooth, which is appropriate to the moralities. Don’t you find it a bit boring, simple?

As a rule, he studies in politics or geopolitics or even in philosophy … or worse in history. You will tell me that it remains interesting subjects all the same. You are right. However, this guy makes his intellectual superior with his air, whereas in the end he has nothing more to contribute than what already exists.

Don’t waste your time with this stuck, boring type of person. To rub shoulders with creators, creatives, man of science etc. Not that guy

The big unshaven with turtleneck glasses …

Common sense removes the singularity that makes our life so precious.

I hope you liked my text

I remind you that the KEY artbook is available here on Amazon.

A big thank you to Didier and Chantal for their donations. Thanks to Catherine for the long conversation that inspired me to write this article. Thanks to Alice for our long conversations until late at night, the secret is so tender and delicate 😏 see you soon. Thanks to Justine for her great ideas, and her great project. Thanks to Reynald, Gauthier and Marie for their orders: they are in progress, don’t worry, they will arrive before the new year.

Thank you for continuing to support me on the dailies. You are awesome !

Do not hesitate to contact me via the site or by email:

Ps: If you also want to have a unique edition of a signed work in a frame for $ 90 contact me by email

Have a very nice day. See you soon for new adventures.

(Special info: my text book is progressing, rather quickly 😉)

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