Good morning all ! I hope you are well. We meet again today to talk about my new creation: Dolphin

What if the dolphins were red with a belly. That they would have steaming wings and pasta. Mooooh, I dunno … but that would be fun to see. Those who know me are aware of my obsession with red. I like to add a dark yellow, I find that it emphasizes the present side of the beast. Ah, the imagination makes me do funny things. When I think that everything starts from a documentary on NatGeo.

I met a Korean freelancer some time ago. Exciting, really. This organizing mode has always fascinated me. To be entirely dependent on oneself even. She explained to me so inspiring.

She started right after her studies. Wanting to live far from her family, for reasons that concern her. And settled down alone with her dog. A beautiful little red-haired dog.

A generous gentle breath of a budding ambition warmed my heart

The first two years were complicated for her, she had to deal with defiant schedules, as well as unnamed financial problems. Despite everything, she didn’t let go. Especially since in her spare time she wrote a book. The world of dreams she told there gave her the energy to continue. Especially since her dog depended on her.

“Being a freelancer made me take a lot of responsibility and grow really fast,” she told me.

Curious about her financial management, I asked her about her different sources of income. At the beginning the freelance missions allowed her to live, during the first years then having invested in herself all this time her networks as well as her website had gained importance. Today the situation had changed, she lived like a rentiere. 40% of her income came from the sale of her book which she continuously promotes on her site, sponsorship up to 50% and 10% of digital marketing consultant service although not being her primary skill.

She then shows me pictures of her apartment. It is tidy. Clean. Worthy of a decoration magazine. Latest generation high-end Apple hardware. Masters paintings. A drawing of me (here I confess that my ego was terribly flattered). And I see there that she has an incredible view of Seoul I understand the extent of her business. She understood my astonishment and told me with a smile that the interest of the organization of her business allowed her one day to be a content creator (blogger, writer, photographer) then the next to be a consultant. The freedom to live as she sees fit.

Out of curiosity I wanted if she had an essential routine to her daily well-being.

Every morning she gets up at 6 am to take her dog out, she comes back and starts the coffee machine then goes back to bed with her Macbook pro preparing the schedule for her day. Most often in the morning she manages her emails and advances on her various projects. The next day she increases her stock of articles to post (like me) and then at 5/7 p.m. she posts the content she has created. At 8 p.m. / 9 p.m. she is going to do some sport with her dog. During her dinner she manages the business aspect and focuses on her daily income. On average per day she receives the equivalent of $ 7,000. What makes her a very profitable citizen for her country, she tells me.

“Is Switzerland good?” Does she sketch

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