The Inspector

Hello everyone, I hope you are well ! We meet today to talk about my new creation: Inspector.

And if, at the turn of a dream. You were an inspector. Like a modern day hunter stalking his prey. Repeating himself that he does all this underpaid work for a noble deed found by the criminals who disturb the lives of honest people.

In a way, we can say that this is one of the only jobs where we do not have to apologize for being curious.

Looming bright red eyes in the shadows, The Inspector awaited Marco Momo, a dangerous drug dealer. He surprised him full of satisfaction. To believe the inspector’s smile one would have believed in other circumstances to a scientist winning the Nobel Prize. He had arrested a criminal.

Applauded by his colleagues. Considered by its superiors. He was overwhelmed.

Uh … just one detail

His family…

He was never at home, his salary earned nothing. Telling his wife about his job was most depressing. But hey, life went on. If we call her a life.

Two years later he learned that Marco Momo was released from prison, he had set up a rap group which was all the rage. He had pulled over. And above all was rich, terribly rich.

For over two weeks The Inspector grumbled about the subject, about injustice in our society.

Until a moment when his wife, tired of her lamentation, said to him (a phrase that would change his life):

“What about you rather than complaining and coping with the people you brought that weren’t there before you? You will disappear and no one will remember you. You’ve only been following orders all your life. Consuming. . But never produce. Unlike him ”

When we come to Earth if we want to bring joy and good being to people, it is best to produce something that was not there before us. So by that even if we disappear we continue to live from it.

Fuck yourself! You are alive! Living! by Pouic

Investing in real estate is the beginning is good. But investing in yourself is better!

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed this article.

The legendary KEY artbook is currently available here on Amazon (Accessible to all).

Thank you all for continuing to support me with your emails, donations. At the moment, between my work and the articles I am preparing, I am refining a fairly large science fiction project, I am also advancing on volume 2 of KEY but also on my text book. In the future, I am thinking of releasing a kind of book with photos of my daily life of my projects sharing my daily life with you.

If you wish to have a colorful artwork signed KEY type by Julien Coué for $ 90, please contact me by email

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See you soon for new adventures

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