Good morning all! I hope you are well! That you all had a great holiday. We meet again today for my new creation: Gimbo

A short noise. One movement ends and another takes shape. Gimbo cut down yet another tree. Suddenly. With his sword: Taikiri.

Taikiri was a sword haunted by an evil demon giving him the power to cut absolutely but in return his holder became evil.

The sword was beginning to obsess Gimbo, who was so kind by nature. So helpful. So lovable.

Taken by an irresistibly paradoxical torment. As if two personalities now stayed in his head.

He decided to isolate himself in a bamboo forest located in the legendary avenue of chimpanzees. It is said that there is an ancient artifact created by the first of the apes. He would be one of the KEY relics. Keys giving access to a world of incredible beauty, where solutions to all our greatest mysteries lie dormant.

The good point was its minimalist side. His only possessions were his clothes, his helmet and his saber. He moved into a small abandoned house where there was a bed and an empty library. The fridge was well stocked. As if it came to be expected.

Day after day it was. Cut bamboo. Cut bamboo. Eat. To sleep. Cut bamboo.

At the end of a few months. As he began to dialogue with the evil spirit he noticed that all the bamboo he had cut had grown back. As if this place had been designed for its evil.

He had managed to negotiate some quiet time with his sword. A little yoga. During his yoga sessions he began to awaken his senses. And especially the perception of his living space.

One day, at dawn of a misty day, seasoned with a pink sun, a voice awoke Gimbo from his trance.

“Hello! Do you like my place? In any case, he likes you”

Opening his eyes, he noticed that a multicolored shape was moving around him, emitting words like a speaker. He smelled of coffee. Turning his head he saw that breakfast was ready.

The thing changed shape to suit its ape-like appearance.

“Don’t be surprised. I can change my shape as I please. But hey, I doubt that will surprise you. Looking at your sword I don’t think this is the first time you’ve dealt with a being. magical”

Stunned and in shock Gimbo unsheathed the black Taikiri. Tinted red he seemed to want to cut the creature. Gimbo’s good side got the better of his sword’s drive. He had gained the upper hand for the first time. Out of curiosity.

Curiosity is essential, it decreases the fear of death

“What am I? My Zefra ZTK I am one of the fragments of the sacred book KEY. I think I am the last living relic of a world how astonishing. I have little memory of it I barely 4 years when my father, Julien, decided to settle down on Earth. The only memory remaining in me is a plain of pink flowers where sheep men were fighting for the graces of a red bird. This bird both ancient and terribly impressive because of its splendor. ”

He was giving her clues that historians had been looking for for millennia. Like that.

“Now that the owner of the legendary Hate-Forged Sword of Pouic, the Crimson Bird, is back. I was able to deliver the burden that kept me alive. This story I couldn’t tell. I know. From now on what will last. You have been able to overcome your hatred carried to its peak. Your human side, your wisdom are the key to a radiant future. Of a torrid epic. And above all of a perenniality of me, of mine through memory of my story. Pass it on as you wish but make sure it lasts. That a world where their problems end exists ”

Since that day Gimbo waits as a hermit in this little house for a chosen person to take up his burden.

A dark blade blushed.

Clear darkness tinged with hope.

Then came to whistle the knell.

From a held flight

From the ashes of hell

From the bird of the myth

A light feather

Spin a crypt

I hope you enjoyed this testimony. I am still waiting for the one who will rid me of this burden. It could be you 😉

The legendary KEY artbook is available on Amazon click here if you want to dispose of this mythical artifact.

A big thank you to everyone for continuing to support me. Thank you all for your emails, donations and dedication requests. Special thanks to Aurelie, Patrice and Madeleine for their donations. Thanks to Camille for her orders. A great collaboration in perspective. Thanks to Alice for our sweet exchanges. A slight oscillation of a darkly subtle desire. Thanks to Justine for the distribution of my poems and her encouragement.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions or if you would like a painting of a single edition representation of KEY for $ 90:

See you soon for a new flight.

Pouic greets you

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