Dark Blade

Good morning all ! I hope you will come and have a good holiday. We meet for my new creation: Dark Blade.

One day, in the morning light, under a red mixture appeared a black blade without a handle. In the aftermath of this terrible war between Pouic’s troops and those of the manticore Graaïel, an artefact was born. That none could overcome. Whoever obtains it will find himself master of all things on earth.

The two troops picked up the wounded without paying attention to the weapons which for the most part were broken or cursed. A small korrigans from the manticore troops was trying to find gold pieces as well as precious objects. He fell born to born with that perfect, new blade. Ah to see more closely she glowed. Taking the blade with his hand he was immediately burned. He released her. The burn was superficial.

“She needs a handle and a scabbard, she will make the rest of my line a king!”

He did not believe he was saying so well, he enslaved the manticore and pushed Pouic to exile himself in the scarlet lands, the last rampart.

In the evening in his immense black castle, the spirit of the black blade appeared before his master.

It was a huge red dragon with amber eyes and dark wings. He would be freed on the day the blade was broken. The spiritual world seemed to suit him.

“Rrrrrrrh! Hence our vision. Hence our glances. In a sinuous world, dark and shiny at the same time. A gold nugget of the physical world escaped all against. My father, our father to all, decided next to the rebirth of my long-exiled grandfather to exile me in my turn in a gold forged with the help of divine dark matter. It was not a punishment. But rather, on the contrary, a way of forging my wisdom and the raising my power, every day that I spend in this blade strengthens me. ”

Telling him his origin they both quickly became intimate. The sword was treated better than his own wife, that is to say.

Even to his brood he did not bequeath it.

In a stone picture you will find. Death and creation. Hear this void. Do yours. Rule as your wish flows, space and matter.

Hope you liked the Dark Blade legend.

Christmas enchants me. Really. I create new canvas. Beautiful, wonderful stories. Watch enchanting movies. The smell of this good food, this dessert, interspersed with good wines. Mmh what a treat that this fantastic delicacy.

As you know, colors are very important to me, really. Red Santa Claus. Pine green. The mixture of the two is a perfect paradoxical mix between comfort, protection (green) and red, synonymous with danger.

I take this opportunity to remind you that the KEY artbook is still available on Amazon by clicking here.

Thank you all for your encouragement, donations and good humor. A special thank you Jean-Marie who left us. A thought to his family and a big thank you for his support so precious to me.

Where you are we will meet, prepare the table I will bring the meal. My friend.

A special thank you to Alice for her valuable advice and kind words. A thank you to Julien for his encouragement and his good ideas. A thank you to Justine for our moments. A thank you to Gaston for his immense donation. Thanks to him new projects will emerge. Thanks to the vast majority of you who bought KEY, really

Don’t change you are the best, very quickly for new adventures

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