Paw – Man

Good morning all! I hope you are well. We meet today for my new creation: Paw-Man

My god the days go by quickly! May the night come quickly!

My mood:

– Bright orange salt

– Good book

– Very black coffee

– Small notebook

All under a blanket on the sofa facing a window struggling with all its might against the weather.

I think of a time, when, in lush greenery. We concoct a shelter. Did they have peace mood days?

Dominating the Arcamba plain, the luxuriant Paris forest served as a sacred den. Not for the waves of pure gold flowing through the streams, but for the most incredible beast we have ever seen, Paw-man. This creature was gigantic, it had the power to fly in the air, to teleport, and to create all the things necessary for the needs of its close relations, the Pontas.

The Pontas were a rodent family who had adopted him when his egg had been abandoned by his father, Julien Coué.

A SpatioDynamic being who appears when the urge to design takes him, otherwise he hides himself in the bowels of dimensions with the legendary Pouic.

You will have understood that despite his somewhat pitiful condition Paw-Man was of divine descent: the reason for his powers.

The poor little rodents Pontas had raised her as one of the other. They were the dominants of the forest. The kings of all things on Earth.

One day a cosmic egg fell not far from Paris. A black / purple glow emanated from the artifact. Paw Man tried with his mega strength to send him back into space but he failed. Weird …

Eventually over time everyone had given up on the idea of moving it. He wasn’t hurting anyone. And then. Nothing comes out of it.

5 years later, in the light of an autumn morning. Covered with orange leaves the cosmic egg hatched. There was nothing, except engraving: “Find KEY and we can meet”

Since Paw Man had disappeared in search of an artefact which he hopes will reveal his ancestry to him. A deep quest lasts where the end he will find the answer only in himself.

Like a farewell to say: “Forget me and live your life”

Since the egg has disappeared without anyone knowing. And Paris, the biggest city in the world.

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed this story.

The KEY artbook is available here on Amazon.

Many thanks to everyone for continuing to read me. Thanks to Alice for her precious help as well as to Julien for his wonderful advice.

Do not hesitate to contact me by if you have any questions.

See you soon for new adventures

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