Lizard Sword

Good morning all! Hope you are always on top. We meet to talk about my new creation: Lizard Sword.

At the start of the year I fell ill. And paradoxically, I have rarely been so happy. Wonderful evening. Great opportunity. But a big stomach ache.

The picture is it seems drawn up.

And what was it like?

In my recovery phase (heavy blanket and drowsiness), thanks to Pouic, I got to know a wise man from the old world.

He called himself the Lizard Sword for his lizard-like appearance and his big, sharp horn. His skull as well as his eyes were visible. Hundreds of eyes were born every day in his skull. They are all demons whose sole purpose is to serve their master, him (a bit like the minions in Despicable Me).

He spent most of his time meditating in the heart of a volcano. The role of his demons was to bring him food so that he could stay in the heart of the volcano forever. Sacred journey!

At the beginning of an era, he was human. Life had deprived him of confidence in the other. He believed in himself and that was good enough. His skin now glowed red in the dark. Its natural makeup had changed.

The volcano having erupted it no longer had a servant. All died as he brought her dinner. No one had done so much for him.

Today Lizard Sword no longer has demons, skulls or horns. He has bright red skin and a small black horn.

When you have dark ideas, it can happen to cross him.

From what he told me he wrote a collection of history, “Graún, the torment of others”

Thank you all for reading me. I hope you enjoyed this story.

The KEY artbook is available by clicking here on Amazon.

Thank you all for your support emails, donations, etc. Thanks to you really. For those who wish to exchange with me my email is the following:

See you soon for new adventures

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