Snake Mirror

Good morning all ! I hope you are well. We meet today for my new creation: Snake Mirror

Some of you know without doubt, I live in France. And I find here below some reluctance to creation as well as to success.

We find, for example, certain questions like this: “It was really you who did it? How is it that you sell this at this price, who buys it? I could do the same thing”, … .etc

So you can see the insidious nature of the commentary. A kind of frustration, jealousy in the face of success. A concept that escapes me. I, who am optimistic by nature, say to myself: “But it’s great what he does! He gives me ideas, this successful guy! What a great source of inspiration”

I’ll take the rappers for example. They are often disparaged and denounced as stupid. I don’t think so. They are content creators like any other, practicing the same marketing thinking techniques as a large brand. How many say “I could do the same”? Do it ! And there, strangely, there is no one left. Yes, perseverance and not talent. This is indeed the key to success.

If you need a business advice friends go there I am also to help you so do not hesitate to contact me. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you can do it! Believe in yourself and accomplish your plans.

But all this my friends is also a wonderful story of a mystical artefact of Pouic.

The Snake Mirror.

This mirror would have been placed in the confines of the Prancteum forest, to develop our critical thinking. His reflection made us more knowledgeable and allowed us to notice our own mistakes in order to improve.

Some kind of way to achieve perfection.

Erst an evil entity was born from the ashes of a cloud (Nuageos) smoking his last wonderful Pouicboros cigarette. (a cigarette that gives life to the natural attributes, once thrown into the sea it takes a form like poseidon)

Back to the subject. Erst told himself that the mirror would develop a worse and more painful sense than the physical attack. Mockery, denigration and criticism.

Since then with Pouic I have been fighting to exterminate Erst and his dominant thought. And you which side do you belong to?

I hope you enjoyed my story.

The KEY artbook is available here on Amazon

A big thank you to everyone for continuing to support Pouic projects with such fervor. Another very happy new year folks.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached by email:

See you soon 😀

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