Good morning all! I hope you are well. We meet again today for my new creation: Balloomb.

A blast in flight, this dull gray, this straw man.

What do you think of telework? For my part I think that for associable people who do not have a wife or friend, this is deadly. While for those with busy lives and projects who don’t live in the eyes of others, telecommuting is absolutely amazing.

Internet being widely distributed. Today we can work by the sea in the countryside sometimes in the mountains, in a different country. We no longer waste our time in transport with heads that we would like to avoid crossing.

You can imagine that for the average citizen: metro boulot dodo “it’s terrible”.

To that I answer him that this is the way for him to invest in himself, to train himself, to spend time with his loved ones, to plan a great project. Let him work for him for once in his life. For his ideas, for his greatness, for his dreams. And not for a small four-digit number.

I cannot repeat it enough that those who really live are the producers and not the consumers.

In short, for a change I would like to describe to you a scene of negotiation that I was brought to realize. The nature of the negotiation is of little importance, only the description counts.

It is 7:30 p.m. the employees are almost all gone. We are responsible, all commercial directors. A big subject is playing. Find out who will have the chance to manage this project. The tone is very courteous at the start. My interlocutors show their beautiful white teeth. They want to appear comfortable. The big boss arrives and puts a file equivalent to two dictionaries on the table. The smiles drowned in the mist give way to a reflection this time clearly visible in the folds of the forehead. The bonus is mentioned, indifferent I explain that the challenge that this constitutes interests me all the more.

“I would like to introduce you to the new salesperson that I recruited specially for this operation”

A dashing young man enters and we all relax our interest.

“I am counting on you to support him”

Seriously, does he really believe what he just said? He was in our place. An email would have been sufficient.

No, you see. Someone lambda would have had my reaction. However, if you can demonstrate that you will be more efficient and that you take the lead on this operation, an even more important place awaits you. In our world, relationship management is crucial and does not imply accomplishing everything but providing the best possible support for employees in order to obtain real superior profit. But in truth who really knows? Other than a seasoned listener? Only posture matters. Not to be confused with the fact of living in the eyes of others.

Its legs help it not to fly away. Every time he feels himself leaving he contracts. At least even if it doesn’t work he feels alive.

Balloomb deflates then Pouic blows. A wind of freshness, of pure creation. Perhaps its creator will be spared Balloomb.

Relevant and deserving.

An interior elsewhere.

A dying heart,

So weep for this flower.

Thanks for reading me. I hope you liked this story

The KEY artbook is available on Amazon by clicking here

A big thank you to everyone really. Thank you for your thanks and ideas. Thanks to Jeanne and Alice for their precious time in carrying out the projects. Thanks to Justine for our long conversations. Thanks to Odette and Jack for their donations. Thanks to Camille, Pierre, Emmanuel and Stephanie for their emails. Many artistic and literary projects will come out in 2021 I am counting on your support for them to be carried out 😀

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