Good morning all! I hope you are well. We meet again today for my new creation: Pain.

It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing.

A warm cold takes hold of us. A sigh lulls the waves of a steaming coffee. Under a plaid and reading, the snow calls me. This immaculate white penetrates my gaze, so my mind.

I have, unlike many people, a fairly good relationship with the cold. I like to sleep in a cold environment with just one blanket. It is so good.

In the morning the alarm goes off. It is 7 a.m. I prepare my coffee looking at the world through my window. It is calm and sweet pleasant smoke strokes my nose.

Many more or less complex projects (mobile application, books, website, etc.) come to caress my mind. But often the morning is the time for the vlog or the interview. Sharing a time. From one human to another.

At the moment I’m watching a pretty nice anime called Jujutsu Kaisen, I really like the mood of the ending.

Freelance is really cool. I like to live in the palm of my hand. Depend on my strike force alone.

I last night following my readings had the visit of a plague. A misshapen being manipulated by an evil / eye so big that it forces her to stay alive and work for him.

Its only outlet lies in its confessions. It is plagued by many questions and problems. Why is this KEY artifact constantly following him? Why when his day begins does he know the end of it?

Why then he loved yesterday, today he hates? What is this flat void that hurts your stomach?

A flat torment. A hollow in a hollow. An extended sentence. An end that is traced far from a lost dawn.

The answer was simple

“With each of your steps you are master. If you are not there they are nothing. Be sure! And do not let anyone question that. This is your advantage” I told him

Thank you that fills. It drowns a universe empty of matter and thought. Dimensions and pleasure. Of joy and despair

It’s a sad future that promises us a happy present

Hope you enjoyed this article / story my friends.

Do not hesitate to get the KEY artbook still available here on Amazon

A big thank you to everyone for supporting me, giving me ideas and helping the site run smoothly. One day all will read my stories. Our stories. Share me your projects maybe we could work together 😉

For any questions or other attach by email to:

See you soon for new adventures

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