Ex Aequo

Good morning all !  I hope you are well.  I’m going great.  We meet again today for my new creation: Ex Aequo.

Let us be carried away by the folds of a misty morning overhung by a blue sky.

The blue of a hasty awakening.  Between day and night the creator is passionate.  He recognizes beauty in the most incongruous moments.

The pages of a book turn, taking the turn of a happy front.  The contact of the paper on the hand is so pleasant, so powerful.  I will let myself be carried away.  Like stung.  Yes I am a doll of which the puppeteer is the book.  The paper book I hear.

How I envy this new generation which can be satisfied with a simple digital file to read all these beautiful stories.  It must be so cheap.  So accessible.  At the same time it is the characteristic of digital.  These inventions that bring us together.  That connect us towards the same goal.  But which paradoxically develops our difference.  Especially in terms of taste.

Outside, he said, it’s the law of the jungle.  I like this vision.  Constantly reminding us of our origin.  In the end, technology remains the child of nature.  I would even say more that it was the pride of Mother Nature.  The ugly duckling that mom loves.  A bit like in the Lucifer series, he was the favorite son but he was the one who most hurt his relatives.  We could thus associate the digital with the devil of share the attraction which it evokes to us but also of the damage which it causes.

Don’t be too quick to judge this blah blah my friends.  In my opinion, this is the key that believers have been looking for since the advent of the Web.

And me during this time, my eyes plunged in the dark I observe them, all smiles before they see me.

“Hey shit!” So I did not see the time pass already 7.45pm.  And I the sheep of one who surpasses me I chain the mood vlog videos on Youtube.

This vision of the individual illuminated by his screen in the dark is in a certain way the honor of David in the face of Goliath.  Indeed here it is no longer a question but of value.

The one I strive to produce for you on a daily basis.  That you remember that if tomorrow I am no more.  At least I will continue the time of a reading to be reborn in your heart.

Knit, wiggle and simmer a funny memory that does not yet exist.

Caress the mine rather than fart a window.  Endure boredom but don’t become his friend.

Often what scares you will strengthen you when you are apprehended.  It’s an immutable fact, go check it out you’ll see I’m right.

Through this window pink clouds lick this night and cross my mind.

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed it

The KEY artbook is available here on Amazon

Thank you all for continuing to support me, encourage me and allow me to continue to live from my passion.

I wrote you a poem.

You from there

Read my happiness

Take forever

Your smile and your heart.

Running through the mist

One light morning

The other alarm clock share

Hume here and there

My love for you

See you soon for new adventures 😀

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