Pouic Fire

Good morning all ! I hope you are at the top personal me it is the case. We meet again today for a new Pouic Fire creation.

Imagine. The cigar is your life. And the lighter is imagination / creation: Pouic. Let’s light our life with Pouic’s fire. Let’s become as mythical as him. It’s primordial. I know you have the power.

Rekindle that spark. Draw deep inside you. I promise you on everything I have. There are more values than in larger chests.

The Pouic lighter is a secret artefact, it must be said. He did exist. And probably still exists (although it is gone). He is the first flame of the man who has been locked inside.

Other Pouic worshipers go much further. They think it would be Pouic himself who would meet the first man and the first woman to give them this lighter that it was forbidden to open. Under pain of great suffering. They respected. But you know kids all have teenage crises.

This fire has the power to awaken passive consciousnesses. To give value to the smallest object that he touches.

However, like the principle of equivalent exchange: everything at a price. It is said that his den there is no sylex but many demons reciting incantations. Who knows what evil will strike the one who will enjoy the powers of the fire of Pouic.

The only trace that we have that proves its existence is a huge gold plate located in the heart of a Pyramid in Egypt. It is written there that the sacred fire is accessible to all. From the moment we dispose of this artifact it is said that we become of divine ancestry. And that we obtain the ability to see part of KEY the key to joining the kingdom of Pouic.

I know the owner. I can’t tell you. However, he said to me: “Since I have it, it has given me incredible luck and creative power. On the other hand, a very great spirit of responsibility was born in me which obliges me to be irreproachable on a daily basis. impression of being the first man. In the evening when I go to bed I hear the sweet sound of a bird and yet where I live everything is soundproofed. I must go crazy “.

He cheers and pushes him. It would be very convenient for him to become so. What dust it becomes.

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed this article.

The KEY artbook (the legendary relic) is available on Amazon by clicking here

A big thank you to all for continuing to support me in transmitting your ideas to me. If you have any questions contact me by email: funnypouic@gmail.com

See you soon for new adventures.

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