Feel free

Good morning all ! I hope you are well. We meet again today for my new creation: Feel free

Be free? What does it correspond to? How does this really translate to us? Do we really act out of desire for freedom?

What is worse than not being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it?

Society’s response: loneliness

My answer: nothing

I understand the struggles that are being waged in the name of everyone’s freedom to lead the life they want. Especially since in any case it would be necessary to be blind not to see it: these are fights which lead to results.

For me, freedom is being able to get up at the time you want according to your projects / programs, to go and buy what you want when you want, to live off your passion, to go where you want when you want, to be able to express your differences without fear (not to live in the eyes of others), and above all it is to love yourself.

To believe in yourself is to believe in the beauty of life. It cannot be otherwise friends 😉

From this creation was born a story, that of FreePoy. A being deeply aspiring to freedom but who retracted his choice following the backbiting / criticism of each other. There is in him a little the identity of all these robots which will work in the assembly line in big companies which pump their energy.

Except that Pouic by happy coincidence met him at the corner of a cafe. He was upset to realize that he could not complete all the current projects if he did not miss his son’s birthday.

“Work is important”

“How are you young”


Pff Pouic understood that he had an interlocutor who was starting to wake up.

How to do it said FreePoy

And there by magic came a paper on which was written:

“Stock a year then find three jobless people full of will to succeed put up your box find investors and be happy, it is for the moment the only solution. By being employed there you lose precious years. Your youth”

Today we all know FreePoy all know how he did it and yet who did like him?

I hope you enjoyed this story.

(For my French readers please know that I answered the interview of a talented French entrepreneur here)

The KEY artbook is still available on Amazon clicking here

Thank you all for continuing to support me and send me your ideas. You are the best. Thanks to Coralie and Justine for their constant support. Thanks to Alic for our heated conversations. Thanks to Julien for our very constructive conversations. Thanks to Denis and Myriam for their donations. Thanks to Emma, Pierrik, Edouard, Mélo, Jean and Camille for their ideas.

If you have any questions contact me by email: funnypouic@gmail.com

See you soon for new adventures

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