Fister Ball

Hello everyone, I hope you are well ! We meet today for my new creation: Fister Ball

Let the mist clear. My eyes light up. My brain is underfed. And suddenly. The envy. The desire to take charge. The desire to open up to new possibilities for action. This time the business plan will be applied. I will be “scalable” as the start-ups say so well.

Fister ball is a bit like this vision. A meteore. Which, whatever the old institutions say, will find its way into the sad optimism of a hopeless society. I firmly believe that when you want and work for yourself you always get what you aspire to. The freedom and the recognition of an ancient hierarchy that lives only through the prism of your creativity.

Through the cross we can find the reassuring side. And I think in our world beliefs are a great marketing tool that pushes towards each other. However, they also highlight the “divide and reign” which is absolutely undesirable.

I believe in a digital society that reconciles and raises each of us to the highest level. In this case the only catch is the acceptance. We must awaken the consciences of the oldest to show them and remind them that paradise is after not before (good marketing hook 😉)

All this to tell you, create and own your distribution medium so that you never do. Do not leave the responsibility and rewards for your work to anyone. You deserve in reaping the full benefits. You will notice once the process is applied some jealous critics of why so much? Why so little work for so much money?

Be the fireball that no one will stop. Be the front of your ideas.

Be the leader of your life.

Don’t depend on any other boss.

If about yourself and your goals.

I throw up the nicknames companies families who when it comes to helping the other there is no one any more so the burden of each other is important (for an interest which exceeds them besides)

I hope you all enjoyed this article.

Note that the KEY artbook is still available on Amazon by clicking here

Many thanks to all of you for your feedback / questions. You are the best.

See you soon for new adventures 😉

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