Rainbow Snake

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well 😀 We meet today for a new creation: Rainbow Snake

A balet snake that produces rainbows when it cleans the ground. It’s not great ?

At the moment I am working a lot taking inspiration from my reading. I take more and more notes. Not for to copy. But well to generate more and more complex worlds, both in art and in writing.

Speaking of writing, at first glance it always seems complicated. But the truth is anyone can write. Take me I used my experience to start writing: I write many sms to my girlfriend so that to increase my typing acuity so that now I can go faster by writing on my phone than on the computer. Whatever the medium, there is no limit to the creation. Some of the best works I have done have been done on my smartphone.

I don’t know about you but I find that the evening is clearly a magical moment. We find ourselves with ourselves and we indulge in what relaxes us soothes us. At the turn of a news channel, we pick up a book to get lost in it. With an author so calming that he should make his life an eternal vlog.

I love to write in cafes and god knows I miss it. The smell of steaming coffee. Delight your nose and then take a bite of a superb cake.

While new health announcements are about to fall came to me in an interview the desire, the desire to develop a new work, a new project

For once failing to tell you a story I would like to share a colorful poem with you:

Distant horizon

Caress not far

The dawn of this writing

Hence our life.

Amaze your brush

Relax your smooth hair

Kiss the words

Take back our tail.

Perfect the pleasure

Omit us

Undo this lyre

Traitor of you.

So good and so tender

Such a jeremiad

Too long

Tender her

Awakening the Illiad

I hope you enjoyed these few notes. For my part I sketch. Far from this world. In this toil.

I remind everyone who is looking for a gift to offer their loved ones the artbook is still available on Amazon, click here to get your copy 😀

For all questions contact me by email: funnypouic@gmail.com

See you more my friends

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