Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Personally I am at the top. We meet for a new creation: Cyclope.

Today I realize that I have become a fan of these independent designers that I have long criticized. Destiny. Those who make mood vlog books like the korean sueddu. Which produce very inspiring content. Through these creators we have the impression of being part of something bigger. Whose subtlety we try to grasp.

The Cyclops has only one eye, however he seems more detail-oriented than us. From this is thus demonstrated the non-utility of quantity.

The Cyclops as Ulysses represents him to us hardly corresponds to me. I like the character shown above.

Through the waves of a golden landscape I perceive a glow. The sparkle of hope that had hitherto vanished.

By seas, by mountains: it is from there that I come. The man’s smile quoted the Cyclops.

The Cyclops, so naive, so thoughtful of his condition, did not remember Pouic’s warnings about vice.

“There is a path here that is very easy to take when victory caresses us, however in this is your loss. Your historical representation”

Such a great evil this Ulysses.

Never forgot that only the victors write history. The truth can be observed at the moment.

Very want to do some culinary literature:

It is 8 am I pass near the Christmas market. We hear the crackle of chestnut, the spreading of a subtly melted chocolate on a beautiful golden surface. Soaking it then releases the smell of hot chocolate.

“Mmmh it’s chestnuts are so good so crispy”, the taste seems to cross the young man

Her mother has a beautiful cotton candy. There are even fries mixed with bacon and cheddar dotted with barbecue sauce topped with honey.

The sweet blend of honey and barbecue sauce is a wonder that I aspire to master.

This is all very enticing but you know. Personally, one of the meals that fills me the most is by far breakfast. Bread / butter / cheese / strong coffee (some fruits are never refused)

I hope you liked my article 😀

The legendary KEY artbook is still available by clicking here on Amazon

We meet quickly for a new creation friends

The secret projects are progressing well 😉

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