Night Mask

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Personally, I’m at the top of the top! We meet today for a new creation: Night Mask

The night all shines, the day all noise

Today I would like you to talk about the night. For my part, I am much more productive and thoughtful at night. The day the meeting of similar does not help much to the reflection.

Night also rhymes with rest. My nighttime routine is pretty straightforward. I have dinner then I watch one or two anime and then come back to check my emails linked to the site and to the various projects in progress. Then I prepare myself a coffee (yes I know it’s not good at night but not serious), I take a good book (if possible a mood book) then it’s gone here I am carried away to appease.

I also like to watch landscape videos or home mood vlogs like acadehmic or sueddu, it is a great source of inspiration for me in life. That’s why I often go for a walk in the evening with my little notebook on which I take notes, details, descriptions or ideas for stories.

I also recommend literary broadcasts and author interviews for people who can’t read.

The mask of the night sharpens our being our gaze on a dark world in which you are one of the only lights. I like to believe that everywhere far from home, up there in the stars that when night falls the sun has provided them with something to pass the time.

A moment with me:

As I arrive my mother has just turned off the TV, I walk slowly towards a chair, my book in my hand. The noise of the dishwasher is more like catchy music that plunges me into the deep end, words.

“And there I continued my journey while my horned cat clinging to my legs”


The kettle was smoking. It was time to fight gravity. The equivalent exchange would you tell me! I pour some coffee over my boiling water. I love the froth on top of the coffee. One of my great pleasures.

I hope you liked this article my friends if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me by email:

Thanks again to all for your support emails

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See you soon for new adventures

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