Good morning all! I hope you are doing well we meet for a new creation: Rissoni + Rissona = Grisonbi.

I’ve always been a big fan of the universe of Sonic this badass hedgehog who knows what he’s talking about. Who is in control of all situations. Still confident.

But at the same time the cute cartoon side has always pleased me. So a choice had to be made.

This drawing represents Grisonbi the son of Lord Rissoni and Queen Rissona. He is all fire, if I may say so. He’s half dino, half human. I pictured him here listening to music through a somewhat colored object / artifact.

It is a PremixPod a relic dating from the very creation of the Pouic dimension. His power was instilled in him by the legendary bird himself. It allows you to listen to the sound that best adapts to our current mood while maximizing the possibility of happiness. Grisonbi had found it when he rummaged through his grandfather’s things before the will was passed. Sacred trickster this little one.

I really care about this character. He inspires me so much, he’s always in a good mood. Go straight towards his goal. It seems obvious that he will reach it. Kind of like Jin in World Trigger.

Often when I was talking about what I wanted to do people would reply: “Do you know how to do that?”. As if because she had failed all of their lives you were. These people there rather than having persevered preferring to be the gentlemen I know everything and give advice.

Never listened to the advice of people who never succeeded or those who always succeeded. Always listened to those who failed and then succeeded, they learned real lessons.

My mood is:

What if at 2am I went out in the pouring rain to refresh my air.

My outfit? Jogging, a navy blue hoodie and all white sneakers. Pleasant, really comfortable. If you judge it’s because you’re not cool 😉

I sit in the middle of this park under a shelter failing to have a terrace I have a park. Another owner and his dog …. I’m a big fan of dogs really, but the ones I hate are their owners. A dog rushing towards someone, no sir, it’s not a well-trained dog. The training does not stop with sitting, lying, basket.

I had not noticed, ducks are also sheltered not far under some foliage. I love this animal, it is not disturbing, its colors are subtle. The yellow and the green do not have to say it goes well together.

When suddenly: “Eho!”

A flashlight is pointed in the distance at me it must be the park warden. Pfff no, but seriously, it’s really something that I find its name stupid: closed a park. But damn it is a public good. Life shouldn’t be just a day / night change, let’s fucking change our mindset. Like those people who don’t dare go out for a run as soon as it rains.

I then take the powder escampette. I run pretty fast I must say. The poor keeper the aperitifs at all hours of the day it does not help. Anyway, this adrenaline does not hurt me either hidden in a bush not far from the “corner corner”. He walked past he saw nothing (RIP Lupine by Maurice Leblanc)

It is in the light of twilight that we appreciate life, the real one.

I hope you liked this text my friends, for me you should know that it was a pleasure to write it.

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If you have any questions send me by email:

See you soon for new adventures.

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