Hello everyone, I hope you are well! As I write this article to you, I have a torticoli. We meet again today for my new creation: Whaling.

What if tomorrow, far from all criticism, you decide to write a story or even tell your daily life? Know that I will be the first to encourage you. I think this is within everyone’s reach. Not to “intellectuals”. Term, in my opinion, quite presumptuous.

I know a guy who considers that some people are more wired to do this or to do that. Let me tell you, this guy is 100% pick up. The main thing is will and above all passion. In the end when you look at his life, he didn’t accomplish anything just followed the system. The very principle of ephemeral existence.

This guy wants to bring good things to his children. Ok but he doesn’t have the possibility. He didn’t accomplish anything. It’s a sheep. He is still a pleasant person. But empty. Empty of content.

So let’s not become surfing the whale of colors, queen of hope and creativity.

What’s crazy, for example, is that the patterns that I represent in this drawing are clearly a symbol of hope. Do you see in CM1 a teacher forced us to reproduce similar shapes? Contrary to what my mother thinks. This teacher was a real monster. I did like everyone else. I didn’t see the difference with the others and yet she told me it was wrong and punished me by putting me in a corner. And tirelessly made me do that. A normal child would have hated them, I didn’t find them beautiful. You see this relentlessness I cannot explain it to myself all I know is that I will continue to achieve them in my own way.

The wheel turns and the whale rises.

In the siphon immobilize your impulses.

After this short exhutory I now propose the ascent of a beautiful mountain. Fresh and green.

It’s good my bag is ready. I took my sleeping bag. My tins and some sandwiches. My gourd weighing half the weight of my bag, I walked away with happiness in my eyes. Full of freedom.

I then arrive at its base. A goat quietly climbs its wall, chewing on the grass. She Beeeeh me. As a welcome.

The slopes are rough at first as if a natural selection was being made. Sometimes the ground slips. I find myself on all fours fighting against my own weight. Yes. Because we don’t fight against nature. We accept it periodically.

A smile runs through me. I missed that feeling. She reminds me of a course I took when I was younger in green class. You will have noticed that I am an eternal nostalgic.

It’s been almost five hours that I struggle against myself pushing my physical limits. Then suddenly I meet a sleeping boar near a fire. It is true that it is still 19h it would be time to raise the camp. Unlike many people I really like wild boars and find them almost cute. I sit down next to him, he knows it but doesn’t move.

“Where are you going little man?” said the boar to me.

I must admit that on the way a mountain dweller offered me a good alcohol from his home. This one had helped me to overcome the effort. But now this one was causing me some trouble.

Oh! And then! Even if he is a character of the mind, why not get to know him, that will keep me busy until the early hours of the morning.

I told him I wanted to get to the top so that I could get a change of scenery. He tells me then was called Helmer and to be in search of a breeding female. He is looking for a specific goal. My motives must sound silly to him, I told myself.

“You think that I am only a fruit of a soft alcohol. However, one day my coat will be yours and you will honor me. Thence the thought breathes. In the effort then show wisdom. middle ground is a wiser quest than the one you seem to want to undertake ”

Pouf I wake up I am at the top. On my bed. And I know this neck. This torticoli. Is the fruit. From a descent. In front wheel. From this mount. From this moment. So yes Helmer little dream are you I pay homage to you

I hope you enjoyed this article. Pouic tells me that the son of Hemer named Bergamot will do one of these four entered the healthy of Hotdigitals.

The KEY artbook is still available here on Amazon

A big thank you to all the supports, donations, etc.

See you soon for new adventures my friends

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