So many Project

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! I’m alright. We meet today for a new creation: So Many Project.

The main problem that you will face if you start a long term creative activity is the lack of time for all the ideas. In my opinion the lack of ideas is a myth or if you exercise this activity and you are confronted with it read my articles.

If only we taught students to make a living from their own talents earlier. To develop their entrepreneurial spirit I think the misery would have been eradicated. No, successive governments want to make sheep that have been put in boxes. All this for the sake of control.

Even to have a loan at the bank you have to have a stable job since perpetual etc. etc. Pff stupid world. Only followers. Little lion. Or when there is one we try to belittle him to say that he is bad. It reminds me of a French investigative newspaper, MedP or something like that, which claims to be integrated and under no political stripe. And yet he is still hitting on the right. Surprising …….. Yet there were things to say on the left. Well yes logical for these people someone who earns a lot of money necessarily stole it. MedP is a sort of repressed jealousy. For me it is human littleness that I want future generations to avoid. With these people we do not move forward we do nothing. Against my ass power.

All this to tell you my friends: create. Do you do without commentators that we will soon forget.

Today I give you a poem and not a story to change a little 😉:

If here in the structure

You make a funny jam

Know big me

That you don’t make law

Lying on the ground

Limp legs

Liquid gaze



Pops up from the screen

A body expands

I live her

Far from here

Near me

Carnal breeze

I hope you enjoyed this article

We meet very quickly for new adventures

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