Good morning all! I hope you are well. We meet today for a black and white creation in another world: Barnabey.

If in this world one admits Barnabey it is advisable to confer on him the rare uniqueness of a precious jewel.

Some time ago I had a great weekend without worrying about my diet. Just have fun and drink. We must admit that it feels good.

Today we meet to evoke a story. In black and white. A world where you modulate your space and therefore your appearance. His mind has taken over all things when the main envelope no longer suits the models in force.

Barnabey is the structuring administrator.

Out of his envelope for the 1230th time, he decides to consult the great creator. The divine creature. Pouic.

He invokes a restructuring as the object of the meeting.

The goal is quite different: To recover Pouic’s envelope and it is infinite power as soon as he enters the black and white world.

It is at the dawn of the crash during the compulsive crumbling of the blades that the two meet then.

Pouic is alone soaring from above in his astral body. Barnabey meanwhile to bring all his servants.

When an audience is requested: it is simply a monologue. Pouic does not use his magic words for brief requests from the lower world. He at least has the descent to listen carefully.

When Pouic then decides to land, the earth sags and traps its wings.

“I will finally be able to take your almighty body” exclaims Barnabey

And then suddenly Pouic’s body changes. It wasn’t him. But one of the nightmare knights. His fiercest servants. In this case Pouic had smelled the treachery and had sent Morphix. They say he has the power to become whoever he wants and to have the powers he wants. It is even said in the legends of Earth that he would have as much power as Pouic.

“On the attack,” said Gortex, the leader of Barnabey’s army.

“No poor fool, it’s about Morphix, one of the five nightmarish divinities, he could go so far as to cancel our existence, he has taken over all dimensions, for my part I only have access to space and only in this world ”

Morphix – “You are lucky he is magnanimous, he needs an architect urgently. I decide to withdraw you from this world and enslave to mine. See it as a promotion. We need to design a KEY’s replica work. And we know that you know how to modulate the ancient arts ”


Terror so high

Compose hums

A short fall

It exceeds him

He knows it is resigned

Lay the groundwork for his betrayal

His revenge will ring

Maybe one day

They know each other

He will decide

He says to him

Strike strike

It’s just beats

Is the one ?

To the sound of coui coui

He understands his condition

Such a long look

And yet so compassionate

Proof of flawless condition.


“Source code completed, my greatness” whispers Morphix.

I hope you liked this legend of the Pouic world

See you very soon for new adventures my friends

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