Allo Win !

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well 😀 We meet today for a new creation: Allo Win!

I admit I write this article a bit at the last minute since lately I have been struggling to find the time to stock items.

Today I received a new manga from Amazon. I confess I ordered it to wear by the hype. This is Spy Family I don’t know at all what it is ^^ ‘but a manga on espionage it must not be so bad (I had seen the joker game anime which is just incredible: I highly recommend).

I reserve the reading of this manga for the end of the day. You know, those times when you’ve finished all your work that you’re making yourself some coffee or tea and then sitting down on your couch. Mmmh I love it.

At the moment in parallel I am trying to finish a novel on the French president Macron. It speaks behind the scenes of his victory. The same is quite intriguing: to know how he did it when everything made him so unfavorable.

Une force qui va” quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery. Without arrogance I like to say that it characterizes me. Those who read me from the beginning probably see what I’m talking about.

Otherwise lately I’ve been making a lot of works of art. I try my hand at painting, I really like the rendering. Even if I will never let go of the cartoons. Too much affection and gratitude towards them.

I like to create more and more enigmatic works with secrets of the mysteries. Like a track for a treasure. Recently I bought an escape card game with my girlfriend. I appreciate more and more the adventure genre and the magic behind it. I am in my Bear Grylls period. This British adventurer who travels the world trying to pass on his survival skills to us, learned when he was in the British special forces.

This time I’m going to tell you a somewhat thrilling story that happened to me. Hence this time in an elsewhere can be existing.

It is eight o’clock in the evening I am at Poulfart family (large landowners) and I keep their son Jules in their huge mansion: Le TurluPanpan.

This house is located at the top of a forest similar to Rambouillet in France for those who know. It was said to be made of legendary black brick. These black bricks would have magical faculties. And would be in some legends the raw material used by the knights of the nightmares of Pouic, the famous legendary bird. What makes this mansion so special is especially the fact that there is no black stone anywhere else. And yet it is not for lack of explorers who have dedicated their lives to it.

As if a curious character had sensed the right vein. Create a scarcity, by taking the monopoly. This is reminiscent of the history of diamonds which originally had no value.

Through these walls we said the devil walks, takes refuge and rests. He is preparing his bad moves there.

Despite all these stories I had accepted the job. He was well paid. And if such rich people lived in such a house it should not be so bad. The only thing that puzzled me was that it was their son’s birthday night and they were quietly going to a social event.

They were gone now for an hour. Jules had just finished his dessert and was about to start a new episode of Dr. Stone. For my part, I took the opportunity to check my Yugioh deck (card game) and refine it for my next fight. For those in the know I have a Boiling Danger / Dragon deck. Really pleasant to play I find.

Ah! Jules fell asleep. And strangely, it is in these moments when we imagine the worst. We hear a creaking door. We wonder why, when in reality it’s been almost an hour what wriggles but we do not pay attention.

I like to say that fear is often synonymous with security. In fact, when there is misfortune, it is often too late to be afraid.

Dring dring dring ! I picked up

“Jules is well?” his mother asks me.

I told him yes, but when I returned he was no longer on the sofa.

Here, the dog comes to greet me. What’s his name already? In short, no big deal, we don’t care.

Weird apart from the dog I feel really lonely.

After a few moments I dozed off on the sofa. I feel good. The impression that I am being looked at. But it feels good. I feel flattered. Why ? I do not know.

Entwined in his arms Morpheus attracts me and drags me out of his reach.

As accompanied, the sun caresses my eyes: it is already nine o’clock.

Ding dong

“Phew” I tell myself. I woke up in time.

The door opens and the dog hastens to welcome his masters.

“My Jules, my little Jules, mooooh yes we missed you. Mooh yes. Mooooh” said Madame Poulfart to her dog.

Ah yes that’s what he was called, Jules.

But wait!!!!!! that’s not what their son was called. Suddenly the memory came back to me they had hired me as a dogsitter to bring a child he had just adopted into their home.

Then who is what I saw last night. My memories of this boy who ate his compote are very clear.

“Let me introduce you to Evriel, he is now at home. Say Hello Evriel”.

Behind the immense one carries the silhouette of a little angel. Masked with a smile. Diabolical. Awakened a reality. Worrisome. I took care of him yesterday when he wasn’t the only one yet.

Maybe the house was magical. But his smile did not let me catch a glimpse of this fairy tale. There was someone there. Who knew more than me.

Behind a presentation smile, mischief is never far away.

Vade retro Satanas

The story is over I hope you liked the article

I tell you soon for new adventures

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