Stop being this nerd glasses guy

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! We meet today for a new creation: “Stop being this nerd glasses guy”

I admit that it’s been a long time since I made this cartoon. I did it for a rant at this kind of awkward bespectacled guy who looks like they’re grown when they’re just boring. Especially people who are studying “political science” or “political history” or “geopolitics”. In short you see the kind with a turtleneck of glasses and unshaven.

Now I don’t have to remember that they exist.

So I correct 😜 We meet again today for a mood article where I tell you a little about my moments of well-being as well as a little poem at the end.

I like painting more and more. Ink more on graphics tablet the rendering is incredible.

I love that moment when, having a cup of coffee, I watch an anime film from Lupine the Third. Purely incredible the mood of Jigen and Lupine. The Italian class.

BIG NEWS! SPOILER ALERT! I then turn to a project that will soon be released. A book in a language I invented where a message will be hidden there. The first person to decode this message will know the unique way to obtain one of Pouic’s legendary artifacts (it is said to contain evidence of the Mighty Desolation). I repeat that this one exists only in one copy. It is unimaginably rare. Possessing it is a feat, almost divine. But it is possible, hard yes really, but not impossible.

Otherwise at the moment I’m going back to detective conan it’s pretty cool.

Lovers of contemplation

Among us you are lazy

In me

In you, you care.

A landscape

Far from this earthly nature


In me

In you.

I hope that this article will please you, we will say to each other very soon for new adventures

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