Lion’s Climb

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing really well! We meet today for a brand new creation: Lion’s Climb.

What if all that was of value was to be obtained by escalating our own fears. Look for example: I am dizzy yet I love parachute jumping.

A year ago, I met a very slanderous character who said he found it impossible …. Never listen to this bad language. They haven’t done anything unique. You’ve been true to yourself and that’s already great.

Like all those people who thought that I could never be a computer scientist or even get out of a book. Perceque it is perfectly illogical according to want to be complete …… ah the world of specialization. So certainly this allows a high technicality in a field but to look at it more closely one realizes that it constitutes monopolies and especially especially especially that it does not succeed to everyone. Be complete and I assure you you would dominate them these little needy.

In short, I decided to represent a lion given that these are my astrological sign and also that the presence of the charisma that a lion exudes is quite impressive. I often tell my girlfriend that the golden retriever looks like a lion in its gait and color.

Through this lion it is each of us. At the beginning the mountain is steep, cold. Insurmountable. Then comes the will which then makes the invisible visible to us. Some catches are revealed.

I like to think that this moment of sweet reading will come as soon as possible and that then I would leave this world of annoyance for a world full of fairy tale.

And to answer one of you (David to quote him) I will publish a detective novel before my book on my thoughts and short stories.

There are projects that take precedence over others. I like to dream of a greener and higher mountain.

Up there in my thoughts an epic is being written:

Ez, little Aredaël, spots a dead leaf in the sacred garden. He had never seen one.

He brought it to the holy of holies. This one shouted to him:

“The prophecy is going to come true! The prophecy is going to come true!”

When will arise

Green night

Then will triumph

The truth.




Our fault.


Light up.

The secret.

The Nightmare Knights. ”

Cruuuuuuuuuuui !!!!

Pouic was there in everything, but reminding us that he is the unique and great myth. And that he alone with a mischievous air drew the rest.

A smile, announcing. From a tremor? He never smiles. Malice is more legendary with him than existence.

Pouic knows, what the rest of you have been waiting for is coming. One of the myths of Pouic mythology is coming very soon.

Stay connected my friends 😉

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