Hello everyone, I hope you are well! We meet today for a new creation: Chaton.

I confess I have never been very cat. But hey there are only idiots who do not change their mind.

I was seduced by a delicate approach. The zenitude of the beast. She (yes it was a female) is at home and she knows it. From time to time she is her master. Probably for the croquettes, I tell myself. Oh no, his bowl is full.

His presence reassures her.

What also struck me is its uncomfortable side. I was on my bed facing the computer and there it just moved onto the computer. She wants to be the center of attention. And honestly, she’s doing really well. I retained more of his company, new to me, than the movie I watched.

Now I want one. Even if I concede it, I still have some apprehension about its claws.

There are cats that fascinate me black cats with green or yellow eyes. Something magical is in them.

Cats are by nature, their cousins and their mannerisms of the noble. And that no owner will go back on it. They entertain, hunt, eat and sleep. Exactly what the nobles used to do.

Iou the kitten that I represented here is a magic cat with yellow eyes born in an egg. He is Pouic’s cat. So if you meet him, treat him like a king, what do I say, like a divinity.

It is said that at night it turns into a huge cat, four meters long, which jumps in the air. Seeking like a laser pointer. The way to catch the stars.

Will he ever get there? I think so. I believe in him.

And in you

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