Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Personally, me nickel always on top. We meet today for a new creation: Pirate.

The pirates! For some it is Treasure Island for others it is One Piece. And between the two Pirates of the Caribbean.

And you? Which of the three are you?

Aside from the criminal aspect of the profession. What do I say about the way of life. Pirates are, in essence, synonymous with freedom.

They sail far from their birth. Hoping for luxury and opulence. That the powerful, of that time, did everything to keep.

In a way today there is less freedom than before. But do not know that I am one of those who say it was better before. On the contrary, freedom has been reduced in favor of security. Eternal debate. Still relevant with the pandemic: containment or not?

Far from these worries far from our life, over there on the crest of a magical world the Pirate Captain and his crew sail all smiles, embracing the waves and the women of a lifetime pleasure.

In search of the legendary Dark Blade all have crossed the barriers of the other world. That of the lions. Dominants. Knowing.

Its crew, each more expert than the other in their fields (small ref at One Piece), only want one thing: to serve the black blade.

They all thought without exception (Pouic too but shhh) that Pirate was the most suitable for such a noble task.

In the depths of red hell, that of a volcano, a light sparkled. A black light. She was calling for a master. Worthy of her. Worthy of his victims. Worthy of his wrath.

At the same time a beating of wings was heard in the sea depths of such a near distance.

A continuation yes … but not for now 😉

What will become of Pirate and his crew. You will find out in the next article.

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed it. For those who often ask me by email the quest for the Knights of the Nightmare of Pouic is being written.

Thanks to Julien, Michel, Sandrine, Cassandre, Pierre and Alvar for their support emails. And to answer Camille: yes, the stories on the blog will remain free and accessible at all times.

Thank you to Alice for our moments of sharing. Thanks to Patrick for his help on the Pouic projects. Thanks to Caroline for her support on the detective novel I’m writing.

Thank you all again and see you soon for new adventures.

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