Pouic it’s me

Good morning all ! I hope you are well. Personally me at the top! We meet today for a new creation: Pouic it’s me

First of all know that this article will serve as a small break in the history of Pirate and Darqua.

It is symbolized representation in my opinion. A reality specific to all living beings.

The three beings of Zvetaïos created by Pouic and its creator:

– The first Practitioner represents the possibility of evil.

– The second Misdo represents the possibility of doing nothing in order to preserve his condition.

-The third Buenimo represents the possibility of good.

With every choice that comes out of the routine of a living being, his three beings always appear in our head. Very often under different aspects according to each one but they are there.

The time of a light. The time of a sun. I am thinking of setting out to conquer an unknown elsewhere.

Yes at the moment I am in the middle of the sf. What do you read?

I love this imaginary life, this adventure side, this thrill side. Find a treasure. Go where no man has ever been. To survive.

I will soon try my hand at Dune. What attracts me from what I have been told as well as from the trailer, I admit, is the landscape. The desert setting.

I like to think that the desert is only the visible face of the iceberg: what better camouflage for a super evolved or magical civilization than the very physical representation of emptiness, of death. What a being of life, would use his timer to risk it.

While taking notes for my detective book I notice that I am very interested in the universe of cyperpunk and that of Lupine The Third.

Ps: Otherwise for those who want a good mood series I highly recommend the green eggs with ham anime, the title is absolutely not attractive but the story and the visual are absolutely incredible.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

For my part, I am leaving. Far there. By the wind. At the discretion of spring. Carried away in this torrent that I say this order of hectic silence. I slip away. Always looking for the place where the man is not interested.

A great writer once said: “If you want to write a best seller, take a subject that absolutely nobody cares about and made it look incredible”

Far from dreams

Far from the drama

Transported everywhere

Still struggling

But still helpless

I am being carried

Drop me off

Mistreat me

Separate myself from mine

Away from it all

Far from the earth

In the space

Then stop

My hassle

I must be the majority to wish the end of my ordeal. What did I say? Our ordeal! We! Inanimate forms.

Me, little grain of sand.

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