Grumpf Boy

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well! Today we meet for a new creation: Grumpf Boy.

For those who are impatient for the rest of the story of Pirate and the Dragon know that the sequel is coming very soon.

Grumpf Boy, know it, is one of Pouic’s grandchildren. Like the rest of us, he grew up with cooler techno innovations. I really like his flow. He literally surfs in my heart. He’s cool there’s nothing else to say about him.

I finished Barjavel’s Night of Times. Nice book although quite sad (yes I am sensitive). A wonderful definition of love I would say.

I recently started my mood book, it is really good. I think about all your requests and the questions you ask me on a daily basis. Know that some questions like what I like to do in my life will be dealt with in the book. As well as some secret projects will be revealed.

Recently I went to the seaside, well accompanied. And I liked to get up early in the morning around 6 a.m. With a notebook. With a camera. Note the sensations. Write down ideas for stories, articles. Note descriptions also for my novel. It may seem easy to describe places where one has already been. But the problem then is accuracy.

Time rewrites memories

A small steaming coffee. A warm scent that caresses the stomach with a short shiver. The loud sigh of a maritime caress. The smile the time of a memory.

I am thinking soon, my friends, of organizing (when their history of fictitious confinement ends) a conference on the theme of dreams and creativity. It will essentially be about presenting my activity, my rhythm, my projects as well as some tips. A Q&A will ensue between us. And at the end we will make a drawing together which will appear in the mood book.

Many nice surprises are to come. I still want to thank you all for your support, for your donations, for your questions

We meet very quickly for new adventures

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