Cloud Mood

Good morning all ! I hope you are well. For my part, I am high. We meet for a new creation: Cloud Mood.

Yes! The cloud mood does exist. It’s when you get high. When you feel good in your body. When you are creative. For my part. When you are in a novel where there is air.

The cream on top of the coffee reminded me a “Pouf” noise. Feeling of crossing a cloud.

If at dawn I wake up and indulge in my card games. At night I escape at 3000 an hour aboard an airship. Vango that I recommend to everyone (I missed good children’s literature).

The only real work that made me appreciate the aerial is Porco Rosso. Miyazaki has grasped the very essence of aeronautics, adventure and above all a peaceful historical taste that goes very well (unlike school).

Let’s fly away. Let’s get high. Like Cloud the little balloon demon held by Mooh representing the masses.

I love this feeling of loneliness in the air. To be where man shouldn’t be. When you think about it, the very act of stealing constitutes a transgression to our first earthly state. And yet this is the fantastic epic of the aviators going from Mermoz to Saint Exupéry.

This feeling of constant danger. This feeling of calm in motion. The impression of feeling so small.

The book is a truly independent invention. And the beauty of it is only available and accessible if we really give ourselves body and soul to it. Like a cursed treasure here too, a sacred part of us is sacrificed: our time.

I jump from rooster to donkey but recently I got back into an Alt236 video on Dark Souls (video I recommend to everyone). She really upset me. This depth in the darkness of rebirth. Demons just as visually pleasing as they are profound in what they embody. I like this Berserk side. A sacred depth. The details are there. The work is embodied in a game.

The obscure sense of detail

Thank you all for reading me I hope you enjoyed this article.

We meet very quickly for new adventures.

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