Pouic Street sty

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Me at the top. We meet today for a new creation: Pouic street sty.

What if the snake designer had flow. And bah yes it is. It is full street style. Love to tag. He loves to stencil. It has all types of brushes.

And Shlack! A brushstroke.

At the moment I am fully engaged in writing a long dark fantasy novel in the Dark Souls genre for those in the know. It allows me to take a little break from the detective story.

I like these universes depending on a logic different from ours. By creating them we learn so much about our existence and the life we lead.

Writing, I say, is a divine power. It has the means through a language of transmitting information from the brain.

Always in adventure readings, I love to travel through reading. I prefer to travel to transfer books.

So that from a soft and fragile night the roar of a deep melancholy desire roared. So it is that not far away a mysterious cursed poet draws with his pen the beauty that we can only imagine in words and pages.

I like the idea of the world artifact book. A book through which details are hidden. Details that at the end of the book will make sense. Walk past magic without seeing it. Try to spot her. Not to be surprised. Before the extreme accomplishment.

All the way

Take care

Wolf of the mount

In the pond.

Eclipse of a gesture

Fly, bursts.

Body and strawberry

Horns and clay.

I hope you liked this article, we meet very quickly for new adventures.

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