Slash Fighter

Hello everyone, I hope you are well ! We meet today for a new creation: Slash Fighter.

And I dance and you dance. And you slash and I slash. A little loulou with a tail that shakes, that wriggles, that inhales and exhales.

Do you like mosaics? Now I used to find it childish.

In short, let’s talk about literature. For my part, I am thinking of getting back to classics such as Charles Dickens. Otherwise I know that there are some classics that I forgot but I can’t wait to rediscover. Don’t hesitate to advise me some by email.

So far in the hollow of an earth ocher. Gesticulate and move the mitten fang forward.

Pale, grieving. In a tangle of hair. Advances noisily, painfully, the shadow of dread. The past of a story. The dream of the forest. Monkey daydream. The yeti my good Plato.

The caress of a cry. The flat gaze of oblivion. Address and straighten the being in us, the being in him. Lazy curvature. Moaning hunger. He stood. At the end. When the path is so poisonous. Achieve the movement. That of the living. The flourished teeth wake up shining. In the neck of the prey. And George then became again.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I tell you very soon for new adventures.

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